Starkid: The Next Generation

so i thought of this in the shower and i know i havent written anything on my other stories but when i think of something, i have to write it down. so here it goes!

Chapter 1

Rhymes and Things

'Twas thirteen nights before Christmas
When all in the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse.
Well aside from a dog
In a cage called Trevor.
Who knew that this night
Was a night to remember?

Let me take you back
Nine months or so
To a man and a woman doing... well, you know ;)
The man was married
While the woman was not.
Although both felt guilty,
Neither did stop.

An awkward month passed
And before she knew it
The food she ate,
Her body would spew it.
Her tummy grew big
She was usually hin
It was then that she knew,
It held children within.

And so here we are,
On this fateful night.
Which finally ended
This pairs plight.
Thrice she gave birth
And thrice he ignored
The screams of the woman
And the labour she bore.

The woman then left
To a far away land
But one of her children
She left in the man's hand.

And that, my dear friends,
Is where my story began...

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