I'm Broken. Do you hear me? 1D Group Story

Me and Someone_Like_You :D

Chapter 1


by: Dance
My Character:

Name: Charlotte Rosalynn Stead
Age: 20
Looks: like the picture, but very short, average curves
Personality: stubborn, very honest, very bold, immature (except when it comes to Arabella), funny, friendly, not very book smart, but street smart, protective of loved ones. Loves music, acting, singing, and dancing. Has a short temper sometimes
Bio: Works at a coffee shop in London, wants to go to university for music, but doesn't have the grades to get in. Helps her sister take care of Arabella

Someone_Like_You's Characters:
Name: Layla Marie Stead
Age: 19
Looks: Like The Picture
Personality: Bubbly, Friendly, Mature, Book Smart, Loves To Sing
Bio: Had Arabella at 16, so had to grow up really fast! Her parents kicked out so she went to live with her sister. Dropped out of school to take care of Arabella, Arabella's dad died in an accident and Layla doesn't like to talk about.

Name: Arabella Alice Stead
Age: Three
Looks: Like The Picture

Someone_Like_You will start the story, make sure you comment and rate, please! Thanks! Love y'all! Enjoy! :D

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