The Mask of Destruction

Insivian- One of the many countries reinvented in 2065 and run my robots. Considered perfect by the government. Loved my most...hated by some..
Selenia- A murderer, striving for redemption as the last of the humans. She's what one might call mentally derranged.
Kaaden- A Dawnbreaker, not human enough to feel pain or regret, not robot enough to be brainwashed. Hidden intentions lie beneath his stony exterior.
The Mask of Destruction awaits....

Chapter 6

Finding the Fiend

I oddly felt like I needed to comfort him, but I couldn’t tell you why.
I had no experience with this kind of thing; I mean no one had ever given me deep sentimental advice on comforting half robots when they began sobbing awkwardly out of the blue.
“Please, stop,” this did not come out in a soothing way, but in a rather harsh, judgmental way, “Stop crying… or whatever it is you’re doing… I’m not sure…Can robots cry? I don’t know. STOP CRYING!”
There was a silence.
“I don’t cry,” came the blank, stony voice.
“Listen, we both have our reasons for revenge. It won’t accomplish anything if we’re just sitting here discussing our feelings! I, for one, have long forgotten how to feel anything but a thirst for revenge,” that wasn’t the truth, and I knew it somewhere deep inside, but it was one of those times where I believed that if I reassured myself of it enough times, it would ring true like when someone breaks your heart and you try desperately to convince yourself that you are over them.
But you aren’t.
I had my fair share of feelings. I felt fear and sorrow and yes, an insatiable thirst for vengeance upon those who wronged me-starting with the monster who felt that I wasn’t good enough and ending with whoever got in my way.
This is it; this is war.
I sighed and twirled my butcher knife in my hand, an odd habit I had developed ever since I had stolen the weapon from the kitchens of the asylum one day when the cook had taken it upon himself to beat me for being human with his steaming tongs, fresh out of boiling water. I had seen it, protruding from a slab of thick manufactured meat, since real animals were killed and disposed of, their meat wasted along with their lives. I had grabbed it as a defensive maneuver, but it became much more than that.
“I’m going now. She’ll be dead by nightfall,” I said decisively, choosing the first time that I thought seemed slightly reasonable. How long could it take to stab someone and run? I was a pretty fast runner, having had a lot of practice, and my slender legs and thin build were perfect for hiding. I blew my blonde bangs back from my high forehead, and then quickly pushed them back in front of my squinted hazel eyes and away from the rest of my dark chocolate hair.
“It could be helpful to have a plan…” Kaaden whispered, finally speaking up from the shadowy corner he had chosen to hide himself in.
“Does that mean you’re in it?” He could bring me down by getting overwhelmed by the emotion and hysteria he felt by going back to his place of destruction.
“It could.”
“Are you-?” I cut of my juvenile and childish comeback, figuring that it wouldn’t help to make a rival of this Dawnbreaker. I tried to finish my query and cover up the insult, “-Suggesting that you have a plan or will I have to come up with something?”
“I have a plan for finding the fiend,” a mischievous grin spread across his metallic face, and I felt myself slowly backing up. The last time I saw that grin… I had seen a lot in my short twenty years.
“And that plan involves…?” I was a little bit fearful. Of course, I would appreciate any help, especially when all the people who said that they wanted to “help me” meant that they wanted to slice my head open and replace my human flesh and blood with circuits and a mind that couldn’t function on its own any more than shark without a dorsal fin could swim. There were so many finless sharks in Insivian and they had all sunk to the bottom, leaving a trail of irony blood.
“I’m taking you prisoner.”
A/N: What do you think will happen? What’s the plan? How will this turn out? Tune in next time… *end of mock soap opera announcer voice* Comment and send me some ideas! Can’t wait to see what y’all think of the next chapter…

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