vampire knight. when darkness is cast upon every shadow, the wolves will come out to play

when Summia Cabot, and Helen Gates, transfer to the new school of Cross Academy, things start to get weird. they already know everyone's secret. but that's because they themself's are not human. Summia is A dark angel. good of course. and Helen is a very powerful witch. but when Summia starts to fall for Zero, will he fall for her beauty, her mind, and her soul in return, or will he shut her out like he did with everyone else? and what will he do when he find out about her secret?

Chapter 1

black Knight

by: cheesilla
When darkness is cast upon every shadow, the wolves will come out to play. My father always used to say that? I had no idea what it meant, and I still don't know. It always seemed like a riddle, like he wanted me to figure it out? I always hated riddles. My name is Summia Croley. I'm 17 years old.
My father was a powerful wizard. He was different. He was evil, and yet I still cared for him, and kept his secret's, secret. He was Ailester Crowley. Yes, the Ailester Crowley. Some may say I was evil for protecting him. But I feel as though i'm not. He practiced dark magic, and was called the wickedest man alive. Now your probably wondering how i'm so young sense he died in 1947.
or at least that's how old I look. I can live forever, because i'm the dark angel. Now most of you are probably saying i'm the beast, 666. but no, I was the first dark angel to be born pure, and holy. You may find that odd sense my father was Crowley, but things come in strange ways.
I sat at the end of my balcony. My feet dangled from the bars. I was getting ready to attend Cross Academy. So I had been packing all day. My friend plopped down next to me. I called her my sister. Her name was Helen. She had deep brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She had tanned skin that reminded me of rich caramel. Her black rimmed glasses sat on the bride of her nose. And she smelled of her favorite perfume. I looked over at her” are you done packing yet?” I asked her. She chuckled” not even close.” I smiled” me neither.” I said softly.
I crossed my legs. Helen was a pure blood witch. She came from a long line of powerful witched. She got her dark eyes from her fathers side. I didn't know what she got from her mother though? Her mother had left her when she was a baby. She had abused her and her sisters, and slept around. I sighed and looked towards my room, and the still unpacked suite cases. I stood up” i'm a dark angel that can run at super sonic speed damnit, why can't I pack a couple of simple bags?”
Helen looked up at me and smiled” because your lazy.” she said honestly. I chuckled” that may be, but it should only take a few seconds. Like it did for Edward in breaking dawn when he was packing bella's suitecase.” Helen started to laugh” your not Edward, remember.” I nodded softly” I wish I was.” I said jokingly. Helen smiled deviously at me” so it's true! You do want to become a man.” she joked. I scowled at her, then started laughing” oh shut up, you know what I mean.” she laughed softly and nodded” yeah, I know what you mean.” I walked into my room and started to get packing again. My long black hair getting in my face as I bend over. I pulled it up into a bun and rubbed my tired golden violet colored eyes. Helen walked in” I'm a bit worried about this new school.” she said as she plopped onto my bed. I looked at her” me to. investigating vampires isn't my favorite job in the world.” Helen groaned” do you think we'll be eaten?” she said. I laughed” you really think i'm gonna let them get there teeth around my neck without ripping there throat out first?”
Helen smiled” no.” I smiled and turned back to the suitecase. When darkness is cast upon every shadow, the wolves will come out to play.
I sighed in contentment at the riddle, knowing it had come from my fathers lips a long time ago. Knowing that those were the words he cast his life upon. But still.. what did it mean?”

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