Strawberry Fields Forever... Growing Up With John Lennon

Yo, came up with an idea based on someting I read about Johnny Boy. I know, I have a few stories going on at once. I'll just say anything before my Basilisk Returns story is probably not going to be looked at... Sorry y'all. But, anything from Basilisk up is going to be worked on :)

Chapter 1

Little Intro

Little Olivia Skylark has always behaved a little badly. When she was only two, she threw toys at everyone. When she was five, she bit all the other boys and girls. When she was ten she just ignored everyone. No one even thought about adopting her, not once. They looked at her and ignored her. She hated the feeling of not having any love.

But between all of this, however, she did have one person. There was a love between them no one could take away. It wasn't romantic, no, but more sibling-like. These two had a friendship that grew and grew over the years. Even though Olivia never got adopted, she had her only friend, brother, father, uncle, everything she never had. This boy lived behind the orphanage's grounds. This boy's name was John Lennon.

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