Double Life, Single Truth.....(A One Direction Group Story)

This is a group story by me and BrittaniaLove
Hope you like it

Chapter 1

Molly May Anderson

"You do understand how important this is, right?,"asked agent Wilson.
We were at the witness protection corparation. When I say we, I mean me and my twin sister. we were put here after my dad tried to kill us and got away.
"Yes, we do,"replied my sister kinda annoyed. They've been repeating the same things over and over again.
I closed my eyes but quickly opened them again. Every time I close them I see him, coming towards me with the knife, as the moon reflected upon it. I remeber he rised it up and I put my arm up for protection. Tears were crawling all over my face by then, then I just remember feeling a sharp pain in my arm were he had slash me, luckly it wasn't deep, but it will leave a scar. I was waiting for another slash, but instead my sister was there and my father was on the ground, she had tackled him.
"So, okay right now special agents are going to come and take a look at you, they are going to decide what they are going to change,"he said standing up and I touched my arm,"We will also give you new names and you won't be able to twins anymore, so one of you will have to change your age."
"Were are we going live?,"I asked quietly.
"We still don't know, but since your dad is in the mafia and is one of the most wanted criminals, it has to be somewhere far away from here,"he simply replied as two girls entered,"Perfect, you're here. I'll let you introduce yourselfs."
"Hi, I'm special agent Ramirez and this is special agent Lopez,"one started speaking,"we will be tranforming you so no one can recognize you."
She stayed quiet for a while, seeing if we had any question, but we simply stayed quiet, not wanting to get in between them and their job.
"Okay, then I'll be working on Holly,"she said. Working on? What are we?
"First of all, I'm not a machine for you to work on me,"said Hollyn,"and second of all, is HollyN!"
"I didn't mean it like that...,"she started to say, but my sister still gave her attitude.
"I don't care how you meant it,"she replied. I knew she was frustrated, she hated not knowing what was going to happen.
"I'm glad I'm stuck with you,"whispered agent Lopez looud enough for me to hear, I turn and simply stare at her.
"Okay, so after you've been tranformed, you will be take a picture and we will give you your new idetification,"said agent Wilson trying to ease the tention.

They took us to separate rooms, I didn't want them to take her away, I wanted to be with my sister.
"Let me see here,"agent Lopez said picking up my face,"I think I'm going to cut your hair shoulder length, in layers, get some bangs..and dye it red."
"Red?,"I asked alarm.
"Yes, red,"she replied,"with some green contacts, you will like someone totally different."
She decided just like that without even asking my opinion, I wonder how my sister is dealing with all this. New name, new hair, new eyes, all that's is left is for them to tell us how we are going to act!

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