Just an innocent guy...

I was just an innocent guy. I didnt do anything wrong so why am i not coping with all this shiit for?

This is what you guys really need to know.
Bye guys.

Love Justice <3 xx

Chapter 1

Just an innocent guy...

My names Justice as some of you already know. My mum died I was 4 so I live with my dad, my dad and my step mum (Chloe) have been together for about 4 years soon, my dad and his wife have no time for his 4 kids not including me, Jeric (9), Tara (5), Blake and Elijah (2) and one more on the way.
My mum died of cancer when I was four so I have never really had a bond with her. When my mum died I was living with her with Jeric then we both had to move in with my dad and Chloe so Jeric and I are brothers but Tara, Blake and Elijah are step brothers and sister.
My dad has bashed me 5 or 6 times this year and Chloe has abused me and raaped me twice. But I can’t go to the police because they will do it even more.
I have depression really bad I have tried to kill myself plenty of times, been in hospital about 9 times in 2 months, over over dosing and getting stitches, right now I have about 12 stitches in my wrist from cutting myself.
I have border line personality which is my personality changes in a click.
I have anxiety but not that bad as about 2 years ago.
I also have AD/HD. This is also why I have border line personality.
I don’t go to school, I dropped out in year 10 because of social problems and now I go to tafe, studying my year 12 hsc but that is even harder than I thought, I don’t have a job cause it’s too difficult for me to get a job also because of all my disabilities it is best for me not to have a job I guess.
My life at school was never perfect I was picked on for not being that smart kid, that emo guy, that guy that never comes to school, that guy who thinks his so cool, the one who looks so depressed and things like that, but now I regret it all because I look like the guy that dropped out of school because I had all these things wrong with me.
I not long got kicked out of my dad’s house because I took my younger brothers Elijah and Blake for a walk and Elijah was being naughty and I pulled his hood and chocked him by accident though. So now I have no where really to go I am staying with my grandma for now but she is going to Queensland on the 4th of July so after that I don’t know where to go. So I guess the only way to get out of life is to kill myself I guess. Like I have always want to kill myself so this is the way out of life so bye guys….

Love Justice <3 xx


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