One Direction Love Story

This is my first story so if its bad sorry.
Just to make sure this is fan fiction.

Chapter 1

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

"OMG, NO WAY!!!!!" i said in excitement. (sorry just to go straight in to the story my name is Sofia)
"YES WAY, EPPP!!!!" (and that's my sister Alana sometimes she can be a hand full, but other times shes the best sister in the world)
-We just won tickets to see One Direction and we couldn't be happier-
"I cant believe I've won them, my friend is going to be so jealous!" i continued
"Don't you mean you can't believe that i won them?!?" she said teasingly.
"................. sure, why not??!??" i said sarcastically while i rolled my eyes.
"So what are you going to wear?!?"
"You're kidding," i responded, " we just won the contest how can i know what to wear?!!?"
"Whatever!!" she responded sharply.

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