One Direction Love Story

This is my first story so if its bad sorry.
Just to make sure this is fan fiction.

Chapter 21

New People??

Liam's POV

My phone was ringing so i run towards it trying not to wake anyone.

-Conversation through phone-

Liam- Hello
Paul- Hey your up, well you know how i was saying you guys needed an assistant.
Liam- Yeah.....
Paul- Well she's here and we'll be there in about 10 min. so tell the boys to clean up
Liam- Wait she's coming to today!!!
Paul- Yes that's what i said. Ok well bye.

He hung up the phone and i looked over the couches, there still asleep.
"Guys, get up," i said while shaking everyone.
"What do you want Liam" Louis asked me still kind of sleepy.
"People are coming here in 10 min. and by people I mean Paul and our new assistant!" I said.

The guys shoot up and try to get thing organized, and Sofia goes to take a shower. I help the guys clean up the kitchen area, then when we finish we speed towards the bathroom, trying to get cleaned up. This is just perfect.

Sofia's POV

I come out of the shower and put on blue shorts, a pink tank top, and put my hair in a pony tail with my bangs out. Just then there's a knock at the door. I look for the boys but there to busy changing and cleaning up.
"Sofia," Liam screams from the bathroom, "Do you mind getting that?"
"I'm on it," I say as i walk towards the door.

I open the door and find the guy who brought us home with a girl that looks my age.
"Hey," i say while opening the door more so they can come in.
"Hi," Paul says. He comes in and looks around. "I see the guys still haven't trashed the place, I think its a new record."
"Hehe yeahhh......." I said unconvincingly.

"Hey," Liam says while walking in with basketball shorts and his shirt around his neck, while drying his hair with a towel. Then the rest of the boys follow behind. Harry goes behind me while putting his arms around my waist, and putting his chin on my shoulder.

"Okay guys this is your new assistant......" he said as he were trying to remember her name.
"Ashley," she said.
"Well nice to meet you Ashley." Liam said while shaking her hand the rest of the guys shook her hand too except Harry.

"Harry," Harry said while keeping himself in the same position.Okay.....
The guys were acting a little weird. Somethings up.

Ashley has brown eyes,tan but mostly pale skin, and redish brownish hair that was put to a braid.

The guys were supposedly getting to know Ashley but its like they already know her, and Harry barely made eye contact with her. I get up and drag Harry with me to his room since it was closer.
"Okay whats up?" I said while I crossed my arms.
"What do you mean?" He said playingly, while he grabbed me and kissed me. I pulled back. He looked at me weirdly.

"I'm serious Harry, you're acting all weird."

He lets out a big breath and grabs my waist and pulls me closer and whispers in my "Promise you won't make a big deal about it?" I nod. He sits down and pats a spot next to him for me to sit. I sit and think to myself, 'Story time.'

"Okay well Ashley is my........" He trials off.
"Harry just tell me."
"Fine, she's my ex." I saty frozen for a while, great i'll probably be accused for stealing Harry again. Isn't this great.

"Hellooo, Earth to Sofia?? You see I knew you were gonna act like this."
"Sorry, but its fine, I mean you said she's your ex, so um yeah." Well wasn't this awkward.

Harry went and faced me, then he leaned in and kissed me, then kissed again and again. He then got on top of me and we scooted back all the way to the bed frame. Then he kissed me harder and harder. Then he took off his shirt and things were getting hot. He was pulling my shirt off. It was half way up then someone knocked on the door. Harry stopped kissing me and put his head down, he let out a breath, got his shirt then got off me. He unlocked the door. I didn't know it was locked.

"What." He said plainly. The door was only open a smidge, then who ever was on the other end opened the door fully. Liam. He saw me on the bed sitting down with my legs crossed. I smiled innocently. He didn't buy it.

"Can't you guys get all coupled up when guest aren't here." Liam said, with his arms crossed.
"Coupled up?" I said with a laugh in between.
"Yeah, oh well you know what i mean. Anyway I have to keep a close eye on you guys. So come on." He said while pointing out the door.

"Why don't you go first and we'll catch up later," Harry said with an idiotic smile.
"No." Liam said, then he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of Harry's room, while Harry followed behind.

When we entered the family room Paul was finishing a sentence.
"-So she'll be moving in with you guys." I froze.

This can't be happening. Why does she have to go move in with us, out of anyone her. This just keeps getting better and better.Not.

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