One Direction Love Story

This is my first story so if its bad sorry.
Just to make sure this is fan fiction.

Chapter 3

The day of the concert (Part 1)

-The day of the concert-

I woke up feeling great, and the first thing that i thought about was of course One Direction. I went down stairs and got myself some cereal then feed my dog and did what ever else i needed to do. When i was done doing everything down stairs, i ran up stairs to get ready it took my a while to figure out what to wear but i got everything that i needed.

-this is what i ended up wearing:
-and my sister wore this:


When we got to the place where the concert is, it was full with screaming girls it was crazy, and the concert wasn't gonna start for another good hour, and plus we weren't even close to getting our seats. About 15 min passed and out of no where the girls rushed to the side of the building screaming because of One Direction walking by and since u can see everything the girls went crazy crashing towards the window, screaming all of their names. I quickly got out of there way. We went where there was shade, then when i turned around Harry was right there in front of me (ok let me explain well there was shade where the gift shop store was, and i was standing behind the gift shop and i turned and saw harry). I was like am i imagining this but before i could say anything he put his finger over his mouth which meant NOT to scream his name so i didnt, then he was mouthing how many people do i have in my group, i put my fingers out with the number 2. Then he put his thumbs up and walked to the gift shop door cautionly trying not to attract any ones attention then he opened the door and motioned his hand to come inside, i grabbed my sister and leaped inside. i couldn't believe this was happening. When we got inside and he locked the door making sure no one can come in he said "Hi i'm Harry, whats your name?!?"
"My name is Sofia and this is my sister Alana." i responded back politely.
"Well i bet your wondering why i got you guys in here" he responded with the cutest british accent i heard in my entire life. Of course we were wondering why we were with him but it didn't really matter. To be continued..........

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