wow..so loves I got accused of bullying this one girl because I told her to leave me alone.

Chapter 1

This girl...

by: ErinEdan
Ugh...So apparently this girl that annoys the hell outs me has recently accused me of bullying her. And if you know me I'm the type of person that when ever I see someone getting made fun of I get pissed.
So heres the story..
The girl accused me because I don't like to hang out with her, she has speech issues and a little slow but she's really rude and disrespectful to me and my friends. So I got really angry and then She started crying and saying sorry I said its ok since she doesn't have any friends (because she's really rude and just not a nice person shell use her stuttering to make you hang out) but thats the thing she uses that against you. Example-everytime I tell her I can't hangout or I don't want to she says "But sky! I have no friends you my only friend". she makes me feel so guilty! But I finally had enough and told her I didn't wanna be friends and then she got pissed and accused me of bullying her! I'm like what?? but I don't really care I mean I would never bully someone and I have really bad anger issues even ask my sister. So now I'm just deleting everything she says on my Facebook Ect.
so hopefully this will blow past!


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