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Hi my name is Claire and I'm 14 as of 2012. I live in a place in Texas which I can't name because that is 'to personal' but yeah. I have a dog and a cat named gunter and linnie, and my best friends are ally, ella, lydia, and maddie. They are so crazy and fun. I love alternative rock and metal although i don't look the part. I look like i should be listening to taylor swift and sewing stuff. I am not popular but not unpopular. Some things that I love are dancing, my iPod, and my diverse groups of friends. i don't really have a stereotype, I hangout with loners/stoners, conservative innocents, jocks, and nerds. So i am different with each group. Yeah... I made a pretty good quiz. ADD ME.
-- Three Days Grace and Papa Roach forever <3


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