A Marauders Love Story (Sirius Black and Remus Lupin)

Me and my buddy Volleyballgirl527 decided to do this, so yeah. We promise to update as much as possible.

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Chapter 3

Diagon Alley


My alarm clock screamed in my ear as I shot up and rubbed my eyes. It was six in the morning. Why was I getting up? I began to lay back down when I realized that school started on the next day and we hadn't even began shopping. I rolled out of bed (literally) and looked for some decent Muggle clothes to put on.
"RACHEL! "I heard my name called through the walls. My mother was early for everything, and she hated crowds, so we left hours early. Most people went to Diagon Alley at around noon, but no, we had to done by then.
I slipped on some tennis shoes and ran to the front door. I expected to see my mom already dressed and holding the handle if the door, but instead she was still in her nightgown with a sickly look on her face. "Rachel, I'm sick. I cant go with you, as much as I want to. I have a friend at the Ministry who has a girl starting Hogwarts as well, so she is going to take you. A Healer is coming in later, so if you see somebody when you come home, don't panic."
"Okay, Mom." I say kind of happily. Shopping with her is a nightmare. I got to sleep in for another three hours before Mom's friend Mary cane to pick me up. She had a daughter named Lucy with her, a pretty girl with brown hair and green eyes and about the sane height as me. Mary was pretty high up in the Ministry ranks, so she had her own car to go in.
"Bye, Mom!" I called as we left. I was a bit worried about her, but I knew that she was a tough one, she would survive.
It took about an hour to get from my house to London, where we entered Diagon Alley. I had been there several times before with my mom, but apparently Lucy had never been there before, as she gawked at everything she saw there. I realized that we had not actually talked since we met, so I started conversation.
"So, you're Lucy? "I asked.
"So you're Rachel? " she countered.
"Yep. What house do you want to be in? "I questioned as we walked into Flourish and Botts to buy our books.
"Gryffindor. That's where the good guys are."
"Me too. Wouldn't it be so awesome if we shared a dorm together? "I said excitedly. It would be nice to actually know somebody when I go to Hogwarts, I thought. Making friends was not exactly my thing.
"Yeah, it would." She said as Mary paid for our books. I pulled out some more Galleons and bought some light reading. I bought a book on werewolves, a second year textbook, and four Muggle books. I read a lot, obviously. I had a bad feeling that I would be put in Ravenclaw even though I yearned to be in Gryffindor. We went to a couple more shops, buying potion ingredients and glass files and lastly, a wand. Lucy and I were in awe as we stepped into Ollivanders. Mom had never let me in here, as she wanted my first time to be just before my first year. Lucy found her wand really quickly -the second wand that Mr Ollivander lent her was the one. I had a feeling that mine would take much longer.
Sure enough, ten wands and an hour later I was still being fitted. I told Lucy and Mary that I would find them when I was done. They left to finish their shopping, which only consisted of an owl and some ice cream at Florean Fortescue's. Right after they left, a boy walked in to the shop. He had short brown hair and chocolate eyes. He looked my age, he was obviously a first year. Why else would he be buying a wand? At wand number twelve, I flicked it and a ball of fire shot out of the end and almost hit the boy in the chest. He dodged out if the way just before it hit him. I screamed -I almost killed somebody! Ollivander told me not to worry and to keep trying the wands. I reluctantly obeyed and hoped that the boy would not hate me. I finally found my perfect wand at number fourteen - hickory, unicorn hair core, ten and a half inches. I paid for it and left the store in a hurry, trying to avoid the boy.
I met Mary and Lucy at the ice cream shop. Mary bought me an ice cream and took me to buy an owl. I ended up getting a brown common barn owl. I paid for it, ignoring Mary 's constant pleas to let her pay for it. We then went to the car and drive home. I could not stop thinking about the boy. I just hoped that he was okay. When we got back to my house I dragged my bags of things into my room and started to pack my trunk, thinking about Hogwarts and that poor boy.

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