A Marauders Love Story (Sirius Black and Remus Lupin)

Me and my buddy Volleyballgirl527 decided to do this, so yeah. We promise to update as much as possible.

I would be happy to hear your feedback on this story, so please please please COMMENT!

Chapter 44


We continued to lay there quietly. Sirius looked at me and smiled as he kissed me again gently. I rolled over and we started to snog. We heard a throat clear and I blushed as I rolled off and saw James laughing.

Sirius and I looked at each other and he rubbed the back of his neck

James, "snogging again"

I glared at him and stood up, "Well I am going to the library to find Rachel.. see you guys around!"

I ran inside my heart pumping loud from kissing him. I sighed as I reached the library but didn't see Rachel. I frowned as I headed to the Gryffindor Tower. I reached the fat lady portrait and walked in seeing Remus, Two James, Sirius, Rachel, A girl, Arthur, and Frank.

I smiled, "Hey guys.. what's going on in here and why are there two James's? oh gosh did someone prank him finally?! and I missed it!"

One of the James's glared at me and I smiled as I looked at everyone confused though.. I didn't quite understand what was going on.

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