This story is set in the time of Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings) just so you don't get confused. All I will give away before you read is this:
Name-Venesselia (Vehn-ness-ell-ee-ah) Rodgins
Features-Curly black hair, violet eyes, and light colored skin
Background-Daughter of a hobbit and an elf from Rivendell. Father and Mother died, so she has lived with Lord Elrond, learning to be a proper elf. But she hated this, she was half hobbit after all, so she ran away. This is a week later.

Chapter 1

Nazgul in the Dark

I ran for my life, through brambles and bushes, ripping my makeshift clothes. I couldn't possibly wear a gown when running for my life, so I had sewn part together to make a shirt and pants. My hard work was being torn, but I didn't care at the moment. They were chasing me. They had found me.
I gasped for air and heard the hooves of their black-as-midnight steeds. I held my breath so as not to be heard and raced on, getting desperate now. I felt my silver dagger in my shirt pocket bouncing against my chest, it's cold blade threatening to dig into my skin.
The riders in black screeched and I heard a male voice yell "What are you doing?!" I looked up and saw the ruins of Weathertop ahead, an orange flickering light in one of the alcoves. I wanted to scream as well. How could they make a fire when the Black Riders could kill them? The light flickered like a dim candle's flame, and then it was extinguished.
It was too late. The Black Riders saw the light and screeched loudly. I heard a screech behind me and bolted when the rider tried to swing it's sword at me. Soon there were all five on my tail and I had no choice but to run to Weathertop, as that was where they were herding me towards. I raced up the stairs like a crazy elf and the riders screeched as they jumped off their horses and climbed after me.
My sides burned from running too much and my hands were blistered already, but I kept climbing those stairs until I arrived at the top. I slumped behind a large rock and panted. I heard the sounds of movement and grabbed my dagger from my shirt pocket. I peered out from behind the rock and was shocked to see four hobbits holding swords, standing back to back. I was so surprised that I didn't get terrified for them at first when the riders appeared on all sides, surrounding the hobbits. Then a sandy haired hobbit yelled "Back, you devils!" and charged. The riders just tossed him aside. Two orange haired hobbits stood in front of the last one and were thrown to the side as well.
The last hobbit, with dark curls and bright blue eyes, dropped his sword in fright and fell to his back. He scrambled away and pulled something out of his pocket. I gasped. It was a golden ring. The One Ring of Sauron.
The Black Riders saw this and moved towards him. I felt a surge of terror rush through me. That hobbit couldn't be evil, even if he was carrying the greatest evil of all time. I was about to reveal myself when the hobbit slipped the ring onto his finger.
He vanished. The Black Riders-which were probably the Nazgul-walked closer to where he had disappeared and one jerked back suddenly, drawing their sword. They thrust it into the spot where the dark haired hobbit was and I realized what I needed to do.
I ran out from behind my rock and leapt over a Nazgul before hurling my dagger at the one who had stabbed the hobbit. It stuck in it's chest and it screeched in agony before releasing the sword. I yanked out the projectile and kicked it off Weathertop. Another Nazgul tried to stab the poor invisible hobbit and I yelled before throwing my dagger into where its face should be. It screeched and a Nazgul from behind gripped me by the throat, turning me around. It hissed quietly in a raspy voice "Leave the halfling to us, she-elf." I snarled the best I could. "I am not an elf; I am half elf, half hobbit, you-" I insulted it in Elvish and it squeezed my throat even more. I gasped for breath and saw the Nazgul pull my dagger out of its face. I kicked the creature holding me and it released. I yanked my dagger out of its hands and drove it into its chest before shoving it off the top of the ruins. The other three Nazgul screeched and made to attack me. I heard a scream and saw that the dark haired hobbit had appeared, a bloody gash in his chest, screaming in pain.
I drove the Nazgul away from him, leaping off of pillars and tackling them, stabbing them repeatedly. I heard a hobbit yell "Frodo!" and the sandy haired hobbit raced to his injured friend, who I guessed was named Frodo. I attacked a Nazgul about to chase the two of them and drove my dagger into its chest from behind. It screeched in my ear loudly and I yelled before kicking it off the edge. I ran to a Nazgul about to stab Frodo and his friend. I shouted "Don't touch them!" and jumped on its back before forcing the creature to let go of the sword. I dug my dagger's blade into its back and head. It screeched over and over in pain. I slipped off and shoved the Nazgul away from the vulnerable hobbits.
The injured one, Frodo, was staring at me with gratitude in his eyes. The sandy haired one picked up his sword and demanded "Who are you? What do you want?" Frodo croaked "Sam, it's...it's okay."
I heard another screech and whirled around to face the remaining Nazgul. I yelled "Get your friend to safety! I'll hold them off!" I hurled my dagger into a Nazgul's face and it screeched while the other charged for me. I leapt over the creatures and took back my dagger before stabbing both Nazgul.
I shouted insults in Elvish and the two Nazgul screeched in fury. I dodged their swords and rolled in front of the four hobbits, all crowding around the wounded Frodo. I cut off a Nazgul's hand before yelling "I said get him out of here!"
The sandy haired one, Sam, argued "Why should we listen to you?!" "DO YOU WANT FRODO TO DIE!?" I shouted. The hobbits went silent. "Then do what I say! I am trying to help you, for elf's sake!" Frodo croaked "Help me...up." The other three helped Frodo to his feet and I heard another screech. I turned and saw one Nazgul halt in front of me. I drew my dagger and threw it into its head. It screeched and I withdrew the weapon, pushing the creature over the side like its brethren.
I turned back to attack the last Nazgul just as a hobbit screamed "LOOK OUT!" I was about to throw my dagger when a sword stabbed me right below my left shoulder, its owner hissing at me. "I told you to leave the halfling to us, half elf. You pay with your life now."
I was unable to speak, the pain coursed through my veins, under my skin, burning like a roaring fire. I finally used my vocal chords. I screamed the loudest I have ever done. I dropped my projectile and the Nazgul withdrew the Morgul blade, screeching in what I guessed to be triumph. I fell to my knees, gasping and clutching my wound as I bled. The creature turned away and faced Frodo. Anger rushed through me and I struggled to get up. Sam and the others moved in front of their friend.
"You'll have to go through us to get him!" yelled Sam. He really needed to stop that. The Nazgul threw them aside and Frodo was too weak to back away when the creature raised its sword to kill. I screamed again, not out of pain this time, but of fear for the innocent hobbit.

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