I Got a Heart on For You-A George Weasley love story part 5

Please message us if you want some more Kat and Ron in our story. We havnt had them in our story since the beginning of the beginning. :P

Chapter 1

Bri and Oliver

Oliver and I where sitting in the shade of a blossoming lilac tree. He was helping me with my Potions homework. He was a year older then me, so I was excited when he told me he wouldn't mind helping me out. I was also a bit excited because I would be able to spend more time with him. After the night at the lake, I was thinking things over, and I thought that it would be alright to be seeing Oliver. George and I weren't an item anymore, so why couldn't I go out with other guys? I saw no problem with it. We started laughing and joking around. Eventually it turned into a belly-poking-war. He would poke me in the stomach and I would shriek, laughing. In the end, he was tickling me and threatening to throw me into the lake. There was about an hour to the Quidditch match and we had to be there a half hour early. We started heading towards the school, hand in hand. Soon we arrived at the common room. Before we went into our different dormitories, Oliver kissed me. "See you at the game." He said. He started walking up the steps before I could say anything. "Yeah, see you." I smiled and ran up the dormitory steps. I couldn't stop smiling.


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