When the Cullens First Moved To Forks

When the Cullens First Moved To Forks

this is when the Cullens first moved to Forks, in Esme's point of view

Chapter 1


Shrouded by an ever present darkness, we moved through the dense underbrush as stealthy predators, churning up earth and flora under our soles. Slivers of moonlight parted the thick canopy, bouncing from limb to limb on their descent. In the distance, the rush of water beckoned us closer with its constant melody of angry rapids beating against smooth river boulders. Eroding soil gave way as we hurled our bodies across the wide stretch of the last ravine—one step closer to our goal.

The Hoh forest was absent of all life. Our arrival had not gone unnoticed. Animals scurried into seclusion, hiding themselves from the top of the food chain. A breeze fluttered through the branches, giving accompaniment to the steady lap of surging water. I concentrated on nature’s lullaby rather than my thirst as we crossed the last patch of land before our destination.

The first time I had ever seen the town of Forks, my spirits had lifted. Returning to this peaceful landscape after such a long stent away gave me hope for our family. I was always so uneasy about our moves, protective and nervous for what we would find. As we stepped out of the tree line, all those worries were put to rest.

Our home rose from the mountain side, glimmering under the unobstructed shelter of the moon. Three months had passed since Carlisle and I had purchased the dilapidated home. Transforming it into the beautiful structure that stood before us had been one of my greatest accomplishments.

Carlisle gripped my hand and urged the family forward. During all his adventures, this was the one place he’d returned to time and time again. It was as if he knew the way by heart. For the rest of us, it was a brand new chapter of our lives. Apart from my travels back and forth during construction, I too felt a sense of newness and excitement. It flooded every part of me as we cautiously traversed the isolated terrain.

“I feel good about this,” Carlisle muttered.

Always the optimist, I mused. “I’ll remind you of that when the kids start school.”

From behind us, I heard the low grumbles of our family. What I would have given just to have had Edward’s gift for a tiny moment. With the semester approaching and our family values secured, Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward adhered to human traditions—enrolling at the local high school being only the start. Forged documents aided in their acceptance, as well as Carlisle’s new position at the hospital. I would once again play the ever loving, every faithful mother and wife—a job that I cherished more than anything.

Carlisle chuckled and started up the front steps. “We’d better choose our room before someone beats us to it.”

“It’s already taken care of, darling,” I whispered back.

Emmett bolted past us, no doubt hearing my secret confession. A few moments later, his groan enveloped us and Rosalie rolled her eyes. “You didn’t put notes up again, did you?” she asked. “Because you know Emmett can’t read.”

Edward stifled a laugh, but the corners of his mouth curled and I knew he’d found Rosalie’s joke a little more than humorous.

“Be nice, Rosie,” I said, trying hard not to laugh myself. “You know perfectly well that Emmett reads better than me at times.”

“You are an excellent reader and author, my love,” Carlisle crooned in my ear.

“And that’s my cue.” Rosalie flipped her hair and strolled inside.

“Is she all right?” I asked, turning to Edward.

He walked up to the front door and paused. “She’s not happy about moving again or starting school, but the thought of decorating their room is easing the transition.”

I nodded in appreciation of his subtle watch over our family. I knew it wasn’t easy on them, but having Edward’s keen eye and Carlisle’s strong leadership, we would always triumph over life’s little hurdles.

“Oh, Edward, tomorrow I need your help. I have a lot of supplies that still need to be unloaded and placed in the…basement.” Carlisle inched forward, his eyes low and meaningful. “I’d prefer your help with this specific task.”

“I understand,” Edward replied, locking eyes with his father.

Accustomed to their silent conversations, I kissed Carlisle’s cheek and headed up to our room. Tomorrow, our lives began once again. When the sun broke across the horizon, everything we knew would change.

Tomorrow we would become fully fledged citizens of the tiny town known as Forks.


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