Poems, i guess.

just read

Chapter 3


The waters too deep
and im too far under
so i let myself drown
and i begin to wonder

where were you
when i needed a hand
you werent here
you never understand

you say that you hate me
and i dont think you were lying
so here i am
slowly dying

the water pulls me down
deeper and deeper i go
sinking to the bottom
because i feel too low

my eardrums pop
and my skin turns blue
i have no breath
but where are you?

out with your friends
partying all night
ive giving up
this hopeless fight

they say life is easy
they say life is great
they say life is fun
until they, too, have met fate

at the last minute you come crying
promising you'll be a better father
you say you love me more than the world
too bad i cant hear you underwater

i told you i cant take it
i tried to let you know
but you never seemed to listen
so now im letting go

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