Horror House

This story is sort of a murder mystery that takes place in an old, abandoned, run down and musty smelling mansion, with up to twelve different characters. Each one of them has a deep, dark secret that only the mysterious and invisible owner of the house knows. They must survive or get picked off one by one. Based off of "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie.

Chapter 1

Andrew makes his arrival...

Slipping out of his red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, Andrew Barnett looked up at the dark, dank and sinster looking mansion that towered before him, a chill almost immediately dancing down his spine. He looked down at the strange invitation in his hand--the stank of brimstone still lingering on the seemingly dated piece of paper--then up at the mansion, then back down at the invitation, his forehead wrinkling inquisitively. Was this the place? Blackthorn Manor? Or had he made a wrong turn somewhere? The picture, although clearly taken in the daytime, seemed to match with the fortress before him, the full moon that hung above it, shrouding it in a harsh light, making it appear more malevolent than it seemed to be. His instincts told him to turn around, jump back into his car and turn right back around...before it was too late. And pass up at a chance to win $500,000? Not a chance. Despite being half an ER Physician and lead guitarist of a rock band, he didn't make nearly that much in a month's time. He needed this money.

He looked over the invitation once more, reading the eerie words to himself: "Dear Sir, your presence is requested at Blackthorn Manor on October 28, 2011 at nine o' clock sharp. Master Bane invites you for a night filled with wine, fine dining, fun, adventure, perhaps even danger, mystery, and intriguing twists and turns around every corner. Don't call. Simply RSVP one hour in advance to reserve your spot at the head table. Have a nice day. - V." Andrew looked back up at the foreboding mansion and sighed deeply.

Hearing the sound of a couple cars approaching, he turned around, holding his hand up in front of his face and squinting at the blinding headlights.

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