A Cullen Christmas 3

This is a Cullen Christmas 2010

Chapter 1


There is no greater joy in this world, then spending time with the ones you love. I would like to share a little insight into what makes this holiday season so special to me....

The mountain pass looked exactly the same as it had the previous year, right down to the very last snow covered tree branch. It was almost as if time itself had passed this landscape by, leaving it untouched, pristine, and simply breath taking. Even in the solitude of darkness, I could still see the individually laced snowflakes quiet clearly through the windows of Emmett’s Jeep, and I felt a swell of contentment wash through me. There was just something in the air that was seemingly enveloping all my senses, and I knew Carlisle could feel it too.

“Do you think the tree is still there?” I asked Carlisle, as he helped me down from the Jeep.

“I know it is.” He smiled, taking my hand and leading us up the very same migration path that we had traveled during last years venture for our family Christmas tree.

“I hope you’re right.” I whispered, staying close to his side. “And that the darkness doesn’t hinder our adventure.”

Carlisle laughed, “No one’s been up here Essie, no one but a few Elk.”

The snow crunched beneath our winter boots, and molded to our footfalls, the sound reminding the two of us of how blessed we truly were to able to share this moment together. We knew the journey would take us approximately two miles up the mountain side, but for us, the crisp evening air was thoroughly enjoyable. With our hands clasped tightly together, we trudged on through the snow, taking our time to bask in the glow of the surrounding nature, and reminiscing on the passing year.

Even with our slow approach, it did not take us long to reach our destination. As soon as the tree came into view, Carlisle pulled me close to his side, and released a heavy sigh. I glanced into his eyes, then back to the tree, pretending for just a moment that I could not see the beautiful silhouette in the distance. Carlisle knew that my eyes could see through the darkened woods with perfect clarity, I just wanted to savor the experience as much as possible.

“Always the comedian.” Carlisle laughed again, moving us ever closer to what we hoped our family would be pleased with for the holidays.

We both stood in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of us could bare to veer our attention from the tiny flakes of snow that gathered along the pine needles, trickling down to the forest floor like intricate webbed patterns of the finest silk.

“It’s just as I remember it.” I finally whispered.

Carlisle nodded in agreement, and gently kissed my forehead. “Would you like to do the honors this year my love?”

I shook my head no, and stepped back slightly to admire the tree. The honor has always been Carlisles. He is the patriarch of our family, and deserves the utmost respect. Being given the task of selecting, and procuring our family tree, is something that I cherish, something that I would forever leave to my husband’s capable hands.

Carlisle dropped his back pack into the snow, and removed the saw that he had so thoughtfully remembered to bring this year. I stifled a laugh as memories of last years uprooted Christmas tree flashed through my mind.

“Are you sure this is the one, Essie?” He chuckled. “THE one?”

He knew quite well that it was the perfect tree for us, but I couldn’t help second guessing myself as I dropped to my knees beside him, and halted his attempts to cut the tree.

“Are you sure it’s the one?” I asked, searching his eyes for any sign of doubt.

“I’ve only been more sure of one thing in my entire existence.” He whispered softly, “Us.”

Carlisle leaned in, gently pressing his lips to my own, and lingered there for a brief moment until he caught sight of my hand. “Don’t you dare Mrs. Cullen.”

I gasped, and leaned away from the embrace, my hand forming a perfectly rounded snowball. A grin spread across my face, and I tried to make myself seem as innocent as I possibly could manage. Of course, Carlisle was not going to fall for it, and moved like a flash to the opposite side of the tree, launching the first attack.

“Oh, game on Doctor Cullen.” I laughed, letting loose on all sides as a snowball fight ensued.

Carlisle always was a tricky one when it came to snowball fights. He’s as quick as Edward can be at times, only Edward has full knowledge of his opponent’s strikes. I moved to the left, then to the right, snowballs gliding in every direction. Some missed Carlisle completely, others bounced off his black jacket and exploded across his marble skin. Of course with every attempt came retaliation, and I did my best to out maneuver his attack by disappearing into the forest. It didn’t take him long to locate me, catching me in his arms and hurling us both into an oversized snow bank on the east side of the tree. We fell with a massive thud against the frozen ground, sending plumes of snowflakes spiraling up to the stars like tiny white feathers.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?” Carlisle smiled, his eyes trailing upwards to view the crystal clear stars.

I couldn’t break my gaze from Carlisle. There was a glow about his face, it was something that he always seemed to possess this time of year. A certain warmth that only Carlisle exhumes, the kind of warmth that could melt the coldest of hearts, and inspire the stalest of minds. I could only offer the truth to his question. I could only speak the words that came to my heart as I glanced at the brilliance behind his eyes. “It doesn’t compare. There is not one star up there that could shine brighter than you, Carlisle.”

He turned to look at me, taking me in his arms once more, a peaceful sigh erupting from his chest. “Such the romantic.”

I offered a sincere smile, and after a few minor distractions on my part, Carlisle began to saw through the frozen bark of the tree. In a matter of seconds, the beautiful branches were crashing to the ground, and I took my revenge upon my poor unsuspecting husband, slipping a handful of snow down the back of his jacket.

“You are just lucky I’m balancing a tree at the moment, Esme.” He chuckled. “You just wait.. I’ll get you when you least expect it.”

After a bout of laughter from both us, we finally headed back towards home with the tree. The tree was placed in precisely the right spot as always, just next to the staircase and fireplace in the family room. Just the simple pleasure of having this tree in our home seemed to set the mood for the beginning of the festive season.

It took a day for the magnificent tree to thaw, and for my family to gather once again. We were honored to be joined by a few of our human friends, and Renesmee was kind enough to help prepare the cookies and hot chocolate that Alice had left for our guests. Jasper greeted me with a heartfelt kiss upon the cheek, and although I knew how he longed for Alice’s company, I also understood that there was a part of him that would be somewhat uplifted by the decorations and family gathering. Emmett and Rosalie appeared at the top of the stairs, Emmett laughing as he slid down the banister, landing perfectly at the base of the stairs. Both Carlisle and I laughed at his enthusiasm, and turned on some Christmas music to enhance the mood. Edward and Bella arrived shortly after, filling the house with their laughter and love. Edward whispered to me about the tree’s perfection, and the beauty of the season at hand. A smile rested in place on every face in the room, but I knew there was one face missing from this joyous occasion. Alice. As is tradition in our family, we would reserve a few ornaments for her to place upon the tree when she returned. It has always meant a great deal to Carlisle and I that each of our children be given a chance to place an ornament. It would not feel complete otherwise.

The boxes of decorations were opened, and ornaments of all shapes and sizes were unwrapped while Carlisle began to weave the lights through the branches of the tree. Ornament after ornament were placed upon the tree, casting glimmers of red and gold against the white walls of the living room. Edward and Bella assisted our guests in hanging our family wreath in just the perfect spot, a smile lighting up my face at the sheer glow about the room, and the love that bounced from laugh to laugh.

Another smile flashed across my face as Emmett showed a softer side to his nature, tenderly guiding Rosalie’s hand to the tree, helping her to place an ornament in just the right location. Even Jasper was finding a small amount of happiness in this day, though I knew he was troubled with Alice’s absence. A kiss under the mistletoe had everyone’s attention directed at Edward and Bella, the music filtering through the living room bringing that moment into one of peace and harmony.

“Esme.” Carlisle’s voice whispered from behind me. “I have something for you.”

I turned to see a small box in his hands, and as I reached out to take it from him, the joy I felt soared to heights I never thought possible. Inside the box was the most gorgeous ornament I have ever seen. The red globe was adorned with symmetrical golden threading, small bands of diamonds scattered about the framework, and when the light caught it just right, I could see my own reflection in its splendor.

“Carlisle, It’s perfect.. I don’t know what to say.” I whispered in return, placing the extravagant ornament next to the countless others we’d collected over our lifetime together.

In truth, no words were needed, and Carlisle took me into his arms under the mistletoe for the first time in a year. I’d been so lost in the kiss, I’d almost forgotten about our annual family photograph. As I tried to gather everyone for the picture - flattening down Jasper’s hair in the process - an unexpected guest arrived, and any hope of the portrait was soon lost. I wasn’t really upset about the photograph, there was far too much humor in the situation, even more so when I turned around to see that Emmett had tried to sneak antlers on to his head just in time for the picture. It would not have been complete without our darling Alice anyway, who no doubt saw the situation unfold before we knew what was about to strike us.

The lights of the tree were turned on instead, and we all settled back to bask in the glory of our accomplishment, our happiness, our family Christmas tree. Emmett and Rosalie were excited to retreat to their cottage in the woods, and silently slipped out the back door, arms full of extra decorations. Edward and Bella began to clean up the mess we’d left behind, and as my eyes veered to Jasper, I whispered a promise that I intended to keep. “We’ve saved some for Alice to place.”

His smile was full of gratitude, but I had no idea of the laughter that would erupt in the following moment. Carlisle and I quickly headed up the stairs to wrap presents, and the last sound we heard was that of Bella surprising Jasper under the mistletoe.

These are the memories that define the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not about lavish gifts, the perfect tree, or even possibility of snow. It is about the quality of time that you spend with the people who are close to your heart, whether it beats or not. It is about the bond you share with your family and friends, the moments in which you find yourself at peace, a simple smile from a loved one, or a laugh from one very surprised vampire.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


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