A Cullen Christmas 2

This is a Cullen Christmas 2009. sorrry, its 2011, then 2009.

Chapter 1


My family means the world to me, so I thought I would share the events of a few days ago with you all...Merry Christmas from my family to yours...

The scent of pine drifted past us as we moved swiftly through the forest; Carlisle, and I, laughing as we raced through the underbrush. I couldn’t help but smile, as he threatened to unleash yet another snowball in my direction.

“You wouldn’t dare!” I chuckled, falling back into the snow bank.

His silence was confirmation enough, as he launched the snowball towards me, sending echoes of laughter up into the forest canopy. But as usual, my reflexes prevailed, and the snowball missed me completely, before Carlisle fell to the ground beside me. We lay there together in the snow for a few brief moments, holding each other close, as the wind swept through the branches above. Our skin felt not the temperature, nor the chilled snow below us, only the warmth our love seemed to exhume on this most special of days. However, the moment did not last long, as a mischievous smile spread quickly across my face, and I lathered his hair with the snow I’d been secretly keeping in my hand.

“No fair!” He laughed, shaking his head, and sending the snow flying in every direction.

I giggled, “Well darling, you did have it coming.”

“Did I now?”

In a flash he was up, reaching for another ball of snow, and releasing it quickly. Again, I dodged the flying debris, and took off after him as he sped through the woods. We ran for miles, always laughing, trying to find our aim, and failing miserably. It brought all the more enjoyment, when I jumped up into the trees, and finally caught him off guard - the snowball hitting him directly in the face.

He looked up at me, and smiled, shaking his head slightly in awe. I knew he’d let me win, but that could not prevent our laughter from diminishing. We traveled for a good portion of an hour, the snow crunching below our feet as we slowed just outside of a clearing.

“There it is, Esme.” He sighed contently, wrapping his arms around me.

We walked forward at a human pace, never breaking contact with one another, until we reached the tree that would grace our home for the season. Its tall branches seemed to be gesturing us closer, urging us to choose its majestic presence. Carlisle bent down, and ran his hands across the bark, and with one effortless pull, he lifted it clear from the frozen ground.

“It’s lovely. Perfect.” I said, kissing him gently, as he allowed the tree to fall from his grasp.

He pulled me close, rubbing his nose against mine, and smiling. “Yes, sweetheart. It most definitely is.”

“This will be the most wonderful Christmas yet. I love you, Carlisle.”

He kissed my nose, and whispered a sonnet of I love you in my ear, as he turned to gather the tree into his arms. With one easy swoop, the massive tree was atop his right shoulder, his free hand clasping onto mine tightly as we made our way back to the car.

The sunlight was beginning to fade from the sky, as he quickly tied it to the roof, and we ventured our way home to the familiar sights of Forks. Emmett and Rosalie were waiting for us as we approached the house; Carlisle requesting Emmett’s assistance, while Rosalie and myself beamed with pride over our family.

The tree stand was prepared, and as Emmett shook the snow from the branches, and placed it precisely in the right spot, the room seemed to light up with the warm glow of the holidays.

It took but a day for the beautiful tree to thaw, and my family to gather. Songs of the season played quietly in the background as Edward, Bella, and Nessie arrived carrying a few boxes of collected ornaments. Emmett and Rosalie appeared, both relishing in the love of their upcoming wedding, and helped carry in a few items for the tree. Alice danced gracefully into the family room, wearing the most beautiful elf outfit my eyes had ever witnessed, as Carlisle wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing me gently on my cheek.

One by one the ornaments were placed - colors of gold, and red glistening off the walls - completing the tree to its perfection. The love that my family expelled on this day will be unmatched throughout the rest of our existence. Everything was as it should be. The only thing that my heart longed for to complete this joyous day, was that of Jasper’s presence.

“We will save a few ornaments for him to place, mother.” Alice smiled, putting a few tiffany ornaments aside for him. “He will be home from enrolling soon, and will be thrilled to partake in the festivities.”

I smiled, and held her close, wanting nothing more than my family’s happiness. Having them here warms my heart to a degree unlike anything I have ever encountered. Edward nodded from across the room, as Carlisle stepped forward to me - a brilliant smile sketched across his face. Nessie giggled, placing her hand on Edward’s cheek, as they no doubt shared a lovely moment together.

“My darling, you mean everything to me.” Carlisle said softly, presenting me with a small blue box. “I love you. Merry Christmas.”

Wrinkling my nose - as I always seem to do when Carlisle surprises me - I opened the gift, and gasped at the beauty that laid within. A stunning crystal ornament peeked from inside, and as I twirled it around in fingers, my chest swelled with nothing but unadulterated love for him. He walked me to the tree, taking my hands in his, as we both placed the final ornament upon the branches.

“Look up” He chuckled, turning my face towards his. “Mistletoe”

He leaned in and kissed me gently before another word could be uttered. And as we stepped back - his arms tightly around my waist - we basked in the warmth of the moment, with our family close by our sides.


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