Did you know that?

a bunch of facts you probably never even knew!

Chapter 1

Did you know?

~Adolf Hitler was responcible for the creation of the voltswagon
~America was named after a man who had never even came to the new world
~Thomas Crapper invited the flush toilet
~Baseball was the inspiration behind the making of the flyswatter
~no one knows for sure who invented the telescope but it wasnt Galileo
~we NEED air pollution
~7up was once a tranquilizer
~lightning can strick the same place twice
~the bark of a willow tree can cure a headache
~the croissant was not a french creation
~the bagpipe did not originate in Scotland
~the windmill did not originate in Holland
~the rickshaw did not originate in China
~the Scottish Kilt originated in the Mediteranean
~golf did not begin in Scotland
~you can be punished twice for the same crime
~X used to mean honesty, not kisses
~the founder of mothers day was not a mother herself
~a women founded fathers day
~halloween was once a New Years Eve celebration
~Hong Kong is not a real city
~the spanish steps, or Scala di Soagna arent spanish, but actually French
~Rome is not the oldest city
~Mount Everest is not the worlds tallest mountain peak
~Once, the mighty Mississippi River flowed backwards
~There is no place called Scotland Yard
~There was actually once a wall at WallStreet
~Antarctica is not legaly owned by any country
~There are more than 7 seas
~The most valuabe work of art in the world had disapeared, by order of Hitler
~Caves were the first art studios and galeries
~the english horn isnt english
~The painting of Washington Crossing The Delaware does not actually exist
~The largest painting in the world is missing
~The ladybug has been known to kill cats
~the largest shark in the world is harmless
~Bears dont actually hibernate
~the dove is hardly a bird of peace
~moths do not eat clothing, the larvae does
~there are microscopic creepy crawlers on your face
~the apple and rose are relatives
~the common cat has 2 vocal cords
~the banana isnt a fig, nor a fruit, but actually a herb
~corn is actually a grass, a cerial grass
~a pearl is actually made from a grain of sand
~blood can be red, blue, clear, green, and yellow
~man has more than 5 senses.
~there is an american coin that is illegal to own
~there is no German Sikver
~there is a palace made of corn
~alcohal is served at Disneyland
~big ben is not a clock, but the name of the bell inside
~there is a book written without ever using the letter e
~Cinderellas never wore "glass slippers" the idea came from the French
~Mark Twain was not Mark Twain
~the first novel to be written in English was about cats
~King Arther was not a king, and maybe not even a real person
~George Washington was not actually the first president, but the 9th!
~St. Patrick was now irish
~There was a president that was in office for one day and another one month
~Paul Revere was an art forger
~No Salem witch was ever burned at the stake
~Hitler did not create the Swastika symbol
~Paul Revere never finished his famous ride
~President Lincoln never slept in the Lincoln Bedroom
~Lincoln didnt write his famous address on the back of an envelope on the train to Gettysburg
~Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave
~George Washington started a war then surrendered


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