Dying breath (Third novel to my love story)

Hey everybody, this is my third sequel in my true love series. It's a true story about the love of my life and how he changed my world. This novel is about me and brandon finally together and happy, but the world around me is crumbling. It seems that the only safe place is in brandons arms. Read it if you wanna find out more:)

Chapter 1

Just the beginning

by: Jessica14
"Ow!" I rubbed my forehead. "So much for makeing a dramatic entrance."
I had been texting and i assumed the guy in front of me would hold the door for me , but i guess not. First day of school and i already embarresed myself. I looked around to make sure no one noticed. Who am i kidding? It's high school, no one gives a crap. I pushed open the door and re-positioned my handbag on my shoulder. I looked at my surrondings as i walked to my locker. It had wide hallways with maroon and gold colors. The cafeteria was the center of everything. I spun the dial to my combination and openned the locker. I had already decorated it with pictures of my friends and of brandon when i went to open house during the summer. I threw my bag in there and looked into my mirror. My hair was long and straight. It was a mix of colors. Brown highlights, blonde highlights, and dark purple highlights. I looked at my tan complexion and electric blue eyes framed with long thick eyelashes and black eyeliner. I was wearing high heeled boots with leggings and a black mini pencil skirt. I smoothed down my flowy silver and black top i got from vanity. It was the first day of tenth grade. Which means its the first day of high school.
"Ahhhh!" Shania yelled and jumped on my back and snapped a picture of us in the mirror.
"Okay you're gonna have to delete that picture, because i know i looked absolutely horrible." I said to her.
"No can do." She hopped down and leaned against the lockers. "I have a new rule, if i take a picture. I keep the picture. No deleting, and then i'm gonna put all of them in a scrapbook." She scrolled through her phone.
"Shawty got buns." Faith came up behind me and grinded against me.
I laughed and turned around and hugged her. "Hey babay."
She pulled away and straightened her mini pencil skirt. " So, this year i'm not gonna date a single guy. I just wanna go through a school year without being in a relationship."
I looked at her. She had long dark brown hair, and her eyes were so dark they were almost black. She was wearing a tight plain blue shirt tucked into her pencil skirt.
I smiled and looked at shania, "How much you wanna bet she and austin get back together?'
"Oh, no no no." Faith shook her head. " I am not going though that again. He was mentally abusive towards me."
"Thats what you always say. And then a couple weeks later, you guys go out again." I grabbed my folder and shut my locker.
"Yea yea whatever." She turned and looked down the hallway, just as Jessica, Alissa, Monica, Lexis, and Jordan came down the hallway. "Lexis!" Faith took off down the hallway with shania.
I was just about to pull out my phone and text brandon to see where he was when i felt arms slide around my waist. I smiled as i felt him kiss me right below my ear. I turned around and looked into his hazel eyes.
He gave me his half smile that i love so much. "Hey babe."
I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Hi. I missed you. I haven't seen you in a week. How was the camping trip?"
He shrugged. " Slept in a tent. Caught a lot of fish. Attempted to start a fire from nothing. The usual."
"Well i'm glad your back. I'm nervous as hellll. I have no idea where to go in this school." I pouted my lip, " I figured since your in eleventh grade and this is your second year being at this school, you could walk me to all my classes, pretty please."
"Are you begging?" He laughed.
"Yes." I batted my eyelashes.
He sighed. " How could i say no to you?"
"You can't." I pecked his lips, took his hand and pulled him down the hallway.
The day went by in a blur. Since it was the first day of school, i really didn't learn anything. Just the rules of the classroom, and everybody's names. I was so tired by the end of the day that i fell asleep in the car. Brandon woke me up when we got to my house.
"I hope Cobb's made something good for us to snack on." I said as we walkled through my front door into the Grand Foyer.
"Yeah right. You never have anything good. Its all healthy crap."
I peeked at Brandon as we walked to the kitchen. "That's why i have my own secret junk food cupboard."
He was silent for a few seconds. "You have a secret junk food cupboard? How come i didn't know that?"
I smiled.
We walked into the kitchen, but cobb's was nowhere to be found, so i grabbed some ranch doritos from the cupboard and headed downstairs to the game room.
"I feel like being manly, so do you wanna play some video games?" I walked over to the cabinet and looked at Brandon.
"You are the perfect girlfriend." He smiled and plopped down on the couch in front of the tv.
I grabbed controllers and the game Zombies and plugged it in. We played that for an hour and then played some fooseball for about 15 mins.
"Alright, i am so done. Time to go cuddle." I stretched and yawned.
"Oh my god. Video games AND sx? You should win girlfriend of the year." Brandon grabbed me from behind and lifted me up in the air.
"I said Cuddle, not sx. And put me down!" I laughed.
"No." He grunted as he walked up the stairs, and headed to my room.
He threw me on the bed, and flopped down on top of me.
"Ugh, your crushing me." I tried to push him off me, but he wouldn't budge.
He finallly pushed himself up and kissed me.
I pulled away when he started to get too serious. "I told you no. My mom should be home any minute."
"It's fine. Your mom usually stops after work and gets a massage at least once a week, and she didn't last week so odds are that she will today. Especially since its so nice out." He started kissing me again.
"Not today." I tried to push him off me.
I felt his hand wrap around my wrists and pull them up past my head.
I sighed. "Why are you so stubborn?"
"Cuz i'm Brandon, baby." He kissed me again.

"Your so lucky you were right about my mom getting a massage." I shook my head.
"Yea i was. I was just hopeing i was right. But let me tell you, that was-" He let out a slow whistle.
I grabbed a pillow from the floor and smacked him in the face with it.
He started laughing, so i tried to hit him harder with it, but he ripped it from my hands and laughed even harder.
I smiled and shook my head. "One day, i'm gonna go celebate on you."
I got out of bed and got dressed.
"I gotta head home. I'll pick you up tomorow morning" He pulled his shirt down and came over and hugged me. "I'll call you later tonight."
"Alright sounds good, love you."
He kissed the top of my head. "Love you too."
I turned around and made my bed quick. I remembered i had to sign a couple things before school tomorow. I went downstairs and got my handbag out. My mom was just coming through the door as i was pulling out the papers.
"Oh, hello darling. How was your first day of tenth grade?" She set down about six different shopping bags.
I leaned against the back of the sofa in the grand foyer. "It was alright, kinda scary."
"I remember when it was your first day of seventh grade, Oh it seems like it was just yesturday." She smiled.
I rolled my eyes. "Yea, well. Three years later."
"Well, i stopped at the mall, and bought a bunch of clothes. I'm gonna go put them in my closet and we'll go to dinner."
"Hey mom, where the he11 is cobbs?" I looked at her.
"Oh he had to meet with marcus's parents and he'll be staying late. So we have to fend for ourselves." She headed upstairs.
Marcus is Cobb's fiance. They've been engaged for about four months now, and were planning their wedding.
I headed upstairs to my bedroom to get ready to go to supper. I got changed in my dressing room and went to my vanity table. My phone was sitting there. I picked it up and scrolled through the messages i got. One was from Facebook. "Faith Richard changed her relationship status to in a relationship with Austin Becker.
I smiled and shook my head. This year was gonna be crazy, i could already tell.....

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