Love you like a love song (HP AND TWILIGHT STORY) Rewritted

It's about Bella Swan going to Hogwarts and Draco is her brother.

Chapter 1

Welcum 2 hogwarts

AN: I luv twilight and harri potoor nd i put dem 2gether nd made dis!! I wnt god comments!!

My name iz Bella Swan. Wen I waz born dis ashole charlie kidnapped me frm my reel parents Astoria nd lucyus maloy. whn i was 16 dat ashols wife meenee told me da troth nd I went to c my reel ooparnts astoriya nd lucio.

My reel mum nd dad wee waaaaaaaaay better lokin den doose b----s dat kidnaped me. astro had long red swishy hair and green eys nd i waz jellouys of her prettiness but den i rmm berd i was prettir an it was ok :D

I aslo gt a nw bro his name iz draco. he was reelly hot and blonde lyk a gud prep!! so he ad hot frinds tht ccam ove alot 2 play xbox 320!!!. I kikd there azzes @ it becoz im gud @ it :D

1 of his hawt friends is caled harry. Harry was totally hot. Lyk relly rlly hawt.

1 day we wnt 2 hogwarts. I was wereinga shot tite mini dress tht was dark purpl nd spakld, black leether hi heels nd mi lon waste legthdark bown hair was down aand i had sparkli ishadow on and iliner. I locked hot.

"bella dis iz ur new home. :D" drac said 2 me.
"hogwartz is kwl." i said bac.

den we went to the dining hall 2 eat. Harri was der. I almst fanted bcoz of hw hot he iz!

"Hi Harr!!!" I id
"hi bel Da Beautifulll!!!"he sad bac. Bel Da Beautifull was da nicknam he gave last sparklung tunesday
"How r u/?" i said bac
gud" he said back "U?"
"gud" aI said bac.

Den we ate food.

Den a fat guy hit me for ating his food so harry nd hizz frand ron (how waz hot 222!!!) beat him up and harri asked me 2 go out on a d8, I said no so he wuld cry :]


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