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Chapter 1

Enter if you wanna join

by: dat_nerd
So some of you are in the fantasy basketball league (I am currently undefeated :D ). That one is still going on, but now I am starting fantasy baseball! If you want to join, you have lots of time because the season doesn't begin until March 28.

How to join...

Note: Must have a Yahoo account

1. Go to baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com

2. Join existing league

3. ID #22104

4. Password: brocolli
I know I spelled it worng but who cares :D

5. Make your team name

6. Create :D

There are 20 open spots going into 2 divisions (I might make more before the season begins though) I want to begin the league when the season begins so we have to fill the signups before March 28, so my deadline is March 13 (my birthday), just so we can give everyone enough time to get their rosters all set up (because some people didn't do so in basketball and they are doing bad because of it). So we can get all 20 slots filled as fast as possible, try to tell people you know on Quibblo about it so we can have a full league.

Also: When you name your team, you can name it anything you want, but just inbox me what it is so I know who's who.

More: When your team is finished, you can't pick your players until the draft starts which is after the roster is finalized (which is after all 20 spots are filled or at least 4 slots filled and an even number of teams)

Okay, that's all. Please join!

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