Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

hi im Keiko Yoshii
and this is my life, no one will know me like you will, and along the way their will be tears, laughs and death, heh lets see who will win and who will lose, listen to what you hear then see whats happening, someone might say " i love you " when they are only lying, to make you belive in the future, but come on the future is something you make by yourself, and you don't belive in it because it'll come back as the past and stab you. ( enjoy! )

Chapter 1

Info on Keiko Yoshii

Name: Keiko Yoshii
Birthday: 7 October
Age: 14
look like: the picture, but have short pants on
Hobbies: Quotes, eating Chocolate, playing the flute, training.
favourite quote ( now ): They say the only way to conquer your fear is face what you fear the most, you must walk into the belly of the beast. And risk the possibility of failure, but try to hide from your fear, and you risk it swallowing you whole. ( and ) Take it from me: Strange is bad, dead is worse. ( and ) I do belive in killing the messneger, know why? It sends a message AND ( last one ) A woman can be destroyed but not defeated.
What Keiko means: Adored
family Jutsu: Telepathic Katrina Jutsu,and other not yet discoverd.
Co-name: Katrina
team: dunno yet, thats in my future, well maybe tomorrow or ......

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