Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

hi im Keiko Yoshii
and this is my life, no one will know me like you will, and along the way their will be tears, laughs and death, heh lets see who will win and who will lose, listen to what you hear then see whats happening, someone might say " i love you " when they are only lying, to make you belive in the future, but come on the future is something you make by yourself, and you don't belive in it because it'll come back as the past and stab you. ( enjoy! )

Chapter 2

Keiko Yoshii

im running to class in the rain, because im late, well im late in 1 minute, and if your late you have to stay back for a 'lecture' on being on time for class, but Iruka ( my teacher/sensi ) is userally dealing with Naruto, Naruto, the guy my age who has millions of energy, alot like me, exept loud and a show off, and when i say alot like me i mean i have alot of energy as well, tho his family is dead but mine still lives, so this story won't have a sad begining, but my father is always away on secret missions, then on ones that arn't so secretive, hardly ever see him, my mum, DON'T GET ME STARTED! she takes all her time in taking care of my little sister, who's 8 now, my little sister Rally, is amazing, well my mum says that, she says, Rally will make this family grow and pull us all together at times, 1st of all she dosn't even let me in her room unless i listen to her play the flute so i don't think she'll pull me together if i go out of line, 2nd she's 8 and im 14, so please tell me WHO'S going to be married first? if i get married, im not interested in much guys, yes i said much guys, Naruto, no, Sasuke, NO, Shino, NO, Chouji, no, Shikamaru NONONO, Kiba, Maybe.... ok yes i could like him, i love Akamaru, but then again, i don't like many guys as friends, the only ones are prob jonien or something, FINALLY im at class, i open the door and i see Naruto on the floor tied up with a very angery Iruka staring at him, " Keiko is here!!! see she's later then me!!! " Naruto shoutes and tries to un-tie himself, At least im not a loser tied up and can't even beat Sasuke i thought, " what your exuse this time Keiko? " Iruka sighs but still stares at Naruto, " I fell down a hole, and couldn't get back up cause i sprained my foot last night, and then it started raining, so i used some rocks to make a staircase up, and here i am, and Naruto, thankyou Mr Obvious " i lie, ok i wasn't lieing about the foot thing, i did sprain my foot, it does hurt, but i didn't fall down a hole, how stupid is that? but like always he lets me off with it, he always belives my lies, but the funny thing is only i can get away with lieing, even if he finds out, my dad says, because your a very speical Yoshii, and your name means Adore, so of course he'll adore you! Keiko Katrina Yoshii is the best lair in the village! and thats a complinment!, im also the most adored in the village, but not by the girls, as in the girls in my year cause they say oh she's in the same leage as Sasuke I HATE HER! and yes Sasuke is one of the most Adored in the village as well, we don't like eachother, but we have have a few things on commen, like we both don't like to be adored, but that and lieing is the only way i get my way, i'v gotten free Ramen before, but i said no, i would pay for them, im not much adored but they think so highly of me, and i'v got a charm, plus my lieing abilites! lol i could make a Lieing jutsu!!! hahahaha!!! Rally can't lie, as in CAN'T!! She tries but its really bad, she came home dirty last night and she said she fell into a bush, but you cant get that dirty from a bush i thought " oh no, are you ok? go sit down next to... Ino, Naruto you can sit next to.. Shino- " Iruka said but was inturupped by Naruto shouting, " SHINO?!!! "

5 minutes later, sitting next to Ino :(
" and then i'll have 3 babys 2 boys 1 girl!! One named, Sasuke JR and another for the other boy Treeco, then the girl Rally! After your sister she's such a cutie! unlike you.... no offence " Ino blabbed on, ok Treeco, Really bad name, Sasuke Jr? pathetic, and Rally, i named her that, Mum didn't have a name so i named her, i like the name, but now that she's 8 and very annouying, i wish i hadn't named her, cause it means its my fault she's like that, the name says it all, i can't remeber who said that to me, but it makes sence, and yeah she might be cuter then me because oh i don't know SHE'S 8! i thought, " Now im sorry to say but Shino is leaving us today, but to join a team that is worthy of him, so he will not be in any of your teams, as you know the test today will be dopplegangers, now can Miss Yoshii come into the next room to do the test " Iruka says cheerfully, Great just what i need, a test so i can be a full ninja i thought, i sigh, and walk into the next room.....


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