Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

hi im Keiko Yoshii
and this is my life, no one will know me like you will, and along the way their will be tears, laughs and death, heh lets see who will win and who will lose, listen to what you hear then see whats happening, someone might say " i love you " when they are only lying, to make you belive in the future, but come on the future is something you make by yourself, and you don't belive in it because it'll come back as the past and stab you. ( enjoy! )

Chapter 3

the test, in a few days, why? because Iruka just has to go on a mission

" Actually Iruka you will be going on a mission, in one hour, so I think you should get ready for it, the test will resume when you get back " the Hokage appears beside Iruka, what if he doesn’t come back? I thought, " Lord Hokage! If your here to punish Naruto I already have! And thank you for the mission, I’ll just finish this class- wait did you say 1 hour? I better go pack, what’s the mission? "Iruka asks excited, you would never think Iruka would get excited over a mission that ditching class, who's going to teach us then? i think grumpily, "ask Genma, I’ve got to find a Substitute for this class”
Eating a chocolate muffin and leaning on the 2 branch against a tree, "HAY YOSHII! CATCH! " Ino throws a boulder at my head but it misses, " no thanks " I said with a mouth full of muffin, " Hay watch it! " a angry voice said from the ground, I look down and I see Sasuke glaring at me, ME?! I thought, "Me? Blame Ino, oh wait I will, INO YOU HIT SASUKE WITH THAT BOULDER AND IS NOW ANGERY AT YOU, AND HE HATES THE NAME TREECO!!! "I shout over to Ino, "WAAAAA” I hear Ino crying from the distance, "ha” I mutter and bite a choc chip off my muffin.
When I got home
I push open the door and walk in, into my house. Of course I hear first of all like always; "AW YOUR SOO CUTE!!!” My mum, now that I think about it, I think my mum is Rally's biggest fan I thought sourly, "Hi Keiko, ugly Keiko” Rally said smirking right in front of mum, “aw that’s just too cute! Your first fight!! "Mum said hugging the little devil, ugly?! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! That’s not our first fight. That gives me an idea.... I thought, “Hmm what’s that in your hair? Is that Mum's perfume?! Oh no!! If you put that in your hair... “I say but then look dramatically to the distance, “what? My hair will smell nice? That’s what it’s supposed to do “Rally said glaring, “what? Not THAT one, if that one goes in your hair... You'll grow 5 big pimples and all your hair will fall out! “I said trying not to laugh, “WHAT!!! Waa! “Rally starts crying and runs up stairs to the shower,” wait did I say perfume? I meant to say your antidote! Sorry "I said turning to mum, I blink at her and walk up stairs to my bedroom. I sit on my bed and pull out my Quote book, oh and I forgot to mention, My mum is a nurse, and that antidote is for people who hate themselves, but as this quote inside my book says, To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are. People are so stupid sometimes... " WAAA MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! " i heard Rally scream, of course i just laugh! I write in my quote book the new quotes i just made up, Life gets hard, when it starts to get easy... oh and the other one, Life is a maze and love is a riddle.....

this message is to stop bulling!!

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