Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

Inside... ( a Naruto story, about...alot of things )

hi im Keiko Yoshii
and this is my life, no one will know me like you will, and along the way their will be tears, laughs and death, heh lets see who will win and who will lose, listen to what you hear then see whats happening, someone might say " i love you " when they are only lying, to make you belive in the future, but come on the future is something you make by yourself, and you don't belive in it because it'll come back as the past and stab you. ( enjoy! )

Chapter 35

Never lower your head; look the world in the face

" Keiko i'll say goodbye now! " Sakura said while i was puting stuff in my bag, " ok bye bye! " i said happily " Keiko i need to admit something... Iv given up on love and my life... Sasuke hates me, and it seams these days the only people in the village that are my friends are you and Naruto... " Sakura lowers her head sadly. " Sakura..." i said sadly. " everyone loves you! Your like the flower in the garden that always stands out for the right reasons! " i said truthfully. Sakura starts crying and she hugs me, i freeze then hug her back. " i have to go bye now " i said letting go of her and walking out the door
When i got outside
" Ready? " Naruto asks, the masked man, i wonder if he'll be there " as i'll ever be " i answer looking at my feet, were waiting for Kuro outside. Its finally time to meet 'the boss' also known as that masked man... " finally your awake " Naruto said turning around, i turn around and Sasuke is standing there staring at me, with those dark eyes. i just turn around and face the tree's again. " h-h-ey did you make Keiko angery or something? She's been acting wierd all morning...... WELL DID YOU?! " Naruto shouts. " hmf i dont have to explain anything to the likes of you " Sasuke mutters. " GRRR " " SHUTUP NARUTO DO YOU WANT TO WAKE EVERYONE UP?! " i shout. " i think that may have woken everyone up " Naruto replies sitting down on the ground. " ready kids? " Kuro opens up the door with a small bag. " Sasuke? Shouldn't you be with Kakashi? " Kuro looked up at the sky. " i was just going, Keiko, Naruto get home soon " Sasuke said lowering his head and walking back in side. that was soo corney, 'get home soon' it sounds like were going to war. Were only going to protect Kuro from any bad strangers, oh and we get to see his boss. Which might be the masked man, who seams evil and powerful. So yeah were not going to war but we might be on our journey to death....
" and like can you eat anything?! " Kuro asked Naruto, " Naruto why did we even let him bring beer?! NOW HE'S DRUNK! " i said Irritated, " Kuro is nicer when he's drunk! " Naruto defends himself. " whatever " i said rolling my eyes. " hahaha you kinda sounded like Sasuke then " Naruto smiles. ................Even when he mentions that, all i think about is how Naruto has the Nine tailed Fox " hey Naruto, i know how you have the nine tailed fox in you, and i wanted you to know im here for you " i said looking into the tree's. " Keiko your so close yet so far away, and how do you know? " Naruto asks quietly. " hey, how couldnt i know? Im Keiko Yoshii, Dont under estimate me! " i laugh. Naruto Laughs then says " uh i need to ask a favour, can you give me advice to make Sakura like me? Iv been asking Kakashi and well he hasnt really helped " Naruto lowers his head. thats the third head thats lowered today... " Naruto there's only one thing i can tell you right now, Never lower your head; look the world in the face and don't ever and i mean ever give up on anything "

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