We'll Take Everybody By Storm (A StarKid Story)

Danielle and I decided to write a story together...cause...well... Dana O'Hughes.

StarKid! During AVPM!

Warning May include mentions of Storage Wars and Neil Patrick Harris without making any real sense.

Chapter 1

The First of Many Adventures

"C'mon, Geena!" Nick tugged my arm. Nick Lang was one of my best friends.
I sighed and allowed myself to be pulled over to the Walgreen's Drama Center. "What do you need me to do?!"
"Matt and I need you to do lights for our show."
"Aw, Nick, can't ya make Danielle do it?" I asked.
"She's playing guitar. Plus, she's really Matt's friend.
"Fine. What is this show? Rent? West Side Story?"
"Harry Potter: The Musical."

"Geena Hughes!" Danielle smiled, running towards me, tugging Matt behind her. Matt and Nick were brothers who introduced us on our very first day of college.
"Danielle O'Hara!" I yelled back, bracing myself for her attack. Matt stopped short of his brother and waved at me. "Hey, Matt!"
"Hi! So, Nick got you on board? Because we need to get started on this very soon and we--"
"Matt, let her breathe. I just made her run. Then your little Hobbit friend attacked her!" Nick tapped Danielle's nose.
"Did someone say Darren?!" a short boy with curly, brown hair ran forward. "No? Who said Hobbit, then?"
"Darren," a short light haired boy called. "Leave the Langs alone. They're talking to some techs. Stay out of the way before we mess 'em up."
"But...but... Bri-an!"
"I wanna make friends!" he turned towards us. "HI! I'm Darren! I like sushi! And small animals! Who are nice... I also like Disney and playing guitar and Avatar The Last Airbender and nerd stuff! And! AND! Harry Potter! I wrote some of the songs! AND! I'm playing Harry! Who are you guys?!"
The light haired boy came to join our small group. "Hey, I'm Brian, one of the writers. This guy's annoying. I know. Sorry on his behalf."
"Shut up, Holden! I'm figuring out who these people are! Maybe they'll be new friends!"
Damn, this boy acts like a puppy... I exchanged a look with Danielle. She seemed to be thinking the same exact thing.
"I'm Danielle," she smiled, breaking the silence. "I'll be playing guitar in the production. I love Disney and Avatar, too. And sushi... I'd never thought about small animals, but I suppose I do! I also really like Batman and Green Lantern."
"Green Lantern?!" Brian asked. "He's my favorite!"
"Oh my God! Me, too!"
I laughed at the common love of the superhero. "He's my second favorite."
"Only second?" Brian's eyes widen. "Who could possibly be better?!"
"Batman. Duh."
"Yay for Batman!" Darren spun in a circle. "So, who are you?!"
"I'm Geena. I love Batman and Harry Potter and Avatar and...Disney. I lived Disney."
"Lived?! As in past tense?!" he gaped at me. "Why not anymore?!"
"I, uh, I still do!" I laughed. "Just not as often."
"That will change! So what are you gonna do?!"
"Lights and set," I looked to Nick to make sure. He nodded.
"All right, guys, we need to get to work!" Matt finally said. "Darren, Brian, go on stage. Danielle, see that boy over there? That's AJ. He's the co-composer of the show. He is in charge of music. Go to him. And Geena? See that guy there?! That's Corey, the set designer. You're helping him until we need you on the catwalk. Go!"
And there's the Director-Mode-Matt that I always hear about...
I waved to Danielle and walked over.
"Hey! I'm Geena. I'm supposed to help with the set?" I asked the boy I hoped was Corey.
"Hello! I'm Corey. Can you help me with painting this pillar?"
I looked at it. "Uh, sure!"
"Cool! Okay! Use this color here, but the brown color here...no...here. Yes. Okay. Yay! Paints!"
This is going to be fun...

"So," Nick asked me after rehearsal. "how do you like our silly, silly, silly, cast and crew?"
"It's fun! I liked being there...no matter how interesting some of your actors are... So, is Brian an actor?"
"Uh, he is, but not in this show. He helped Matt and I write the script."
"Mmm, I see."
"Just like you, he likes acting, but he's behind the scenes."
I nodded. And yawned.
"A little. Someone woke me up to drag me to something I hadn't agreed to..."
"Love you, too!"
"Uh-huh..." I laughed at Nick.

~~~~ Ah! There's the first chapter. I hope it's good!
Danielle's turn! :D
Dana O'Hughes Forever!
Love, Geena:) ~~~~

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