Please, If You Believe in Love Read.

I honestly don't give FvCK that I have over 2,300 messages in my inbox. I need an answer to this. So to those people out there who care enough to help me out thank you-3
And this story is 100% true.
~Life's not about how to survive the storm, It's about learning how to dance in the rain-3

Chapter 1

Dammit I Give Up- I Miss My Ex Too Much.

None of this will make sense unless I put the whole entire story on here so here it goes:
January 25, 2011~ I walk to my last class and start talking to my best friend, Terri. Then one of my friends, Paige, comes up to me and tells me she has to tell me something about my boyfriend, Zach. She tells me that he was planning on dumping me that Friday when we were at the skating rink. I asked her how she knew and she showed me a text from him on her phone that said, "I hate that piece of trash. I'm getting rid of her soon." The bell to go to the buses rang and Zach was waiting for me with open arms like nothing was wrong. I looked at him, said "I hate you too. Signed your piece of trash", and pushed him. When I got on my bus that day there was only one open seat and I looked out the window and the tears began to fall. My friend, Austin, noticed I was crying and asked me what was wrong. When I told him, he told his friend, Garrett, what was going on. Garrett said "He's not worth your time. You are too pretty too waste your time on a piece of $h !t like him. And if he called you trash, d@mm he is blind." Then Garrett left. Austin looked at me and said, "Hope you don't mind but I gave him your number, and he's telling the truth. I know you love Zach but boo he don't treat you right."

When I got off the bus, Garrett texted me saying, "Hey, are you ok? Dont Lie."
I told him, "No. And I probably won't be for a long time. He was my best friend."
He said, "You really need a new best friend. hint hint(; "

That day was the beginning of what possibly could be my fairytale.

June 13-17, 2011~ I was at church camp and on and off the whole week Garrett was texting me. Around midnight one night he texted me saying, "CALL ME!" I called and got voicemail. I asked him if everything was ok and he said yea. So I asked why he wanted me to call him and he said he wanted to try a new app on his phone. I said Garrett I know you better than that. You better tell me what's going on right now. He said fine. Are you still at church camp? I said yes but that doesnt matter. He said fine, I drank.......................................... I said WHAT!!!!! He said Cynthia don't be mad I'm never going to do it again. the rest of the story is private info so fv (k off

That day I could have literally put him in the hospital for the next 5 years for that.

July 10, 2011~ This is basically a convo between me and him:
Garrett: Hey
Me: Hey(:
Garrett: Are you talking to my brother?
Me: What?
Garrett: Are. You. Talking. To. My. Brother.
Me: Not that I know of.. Why?
Garrett: It's just he may have--- nothing.
Me: May Have What?
Garrett: I said nothing. Don't Worry About It.
Me: Garrett what's going on?
Garrett: Nothing
Me: Apparently something.
Garrett: It's none of your business. Bye
Me: Garrett, look I didn't want to make you mad. I'm sorry.
Garrett: I said bye.
Me: I'm sorry... :'(

~A Couple Hours Later~
Me: Garrett, I'm sorry, I ddin't mean to make you mad, I didn't mean to get into you business. I just want to know what your brother could have said to me. And how could I have talked to your brother, I honestly didn't know he existed till today. :(

~Few Hours Later~
Me: I'm sorry okay?
Me: I really didn't want to tell you this way but I kinda sorta am falling head over heels for you. It's killing me inside to know you may hate me over something that I don't understand.
Me: I'm just gonna tell ya the truth, everytime I look in your eyes I get lost. Your smile truly makes me smile. When I cry you don't have to ask what's wrong you just automatically make me feel ok. You know the real me. You know that if you make me mad i will kick your @ $ $ and most of all everything just clicks when I'm around you.

No response came from Garrett after that message. I sent at least 18 messages just like that.

July 25, 2011~
Garrett: Hey, Cynthia?
Me: Yea:'(
Garrett: I'm sorry for being such an as $ and I got grounded so I didn't get the messages till now.
Me: It's ok. And oh. And I'm sorry for getting all up in your business.
Garrett: It's not your fault, I'm the one who got mad. And we need to talk.
Me: Mk and sure what about?
Garrett: Us.
Me: oh.....
Garrett: I don't feel the same.
Me: It's ok
Garrett: Are you sure?
Me: Yea
Normal convo continued but that's not necessary to put on here

July 26, 2011~
Garrett: Hey
Me: Hey
Garrett: Wrud? (for those who dont speak text it means what are you doing?)
Me: Listening to music (like always lol), watching tv, and thinking
Garrett: What are you watching?
Me: Special Victims Unit
Garrett: Cool
Me: Yeap, Wrud?
Garrett: Watching a movie
Me: What movie?
Garrett: Fast Four
Me: Awesome
Garrett: Yeap
Me: Yea
Garrett: If you could choose one job and you wouldn't fail at it what would it be?
Me: Random Question lol but probably singer. I love music more than life. You?
Garrett: Marine Biologist
Me: Amazing
Garrett: So your a punk rocker and I'm a marine nerd?
Me: I guess that's one way to put it.
Garrett: Can I tell you something?
Me: Yea sure
Garrett: Ok so when I said that I didn't feel the same. I said that because I was scared that if we dated, Kieontre would make fun of you. I don't want him to hurt you. STOP: Kieontre is this dude that rides my bus that thinks he is all that because he makes fun of everyone
Me: Garrett- Kieontre has been making fun of me since 2nd grade. I doesn't really bug me anymore.
Garrett: So what if I said, I sorta kinda like you too?
Me: I'd say, Then why are you scared?
Garrett: I'm not anymore.
Me: Good
Garrett: Cynthia Jean Arnold, Will you be my girlfriend?
Me: Yes -3
Garrett: -3
Me: I'm going to bed ily-3 kiss
Garrett: Night. ily2-3 kiss

August 31, 2011~ Garrett tells me I'm more beautiful than any sunset. I tell him he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He tells me we need to talk. He tells me that his parent might make him break up with me because his grades are slipping. I offer to help him out and he says no. I ask what's really going on. He says that we hadn't had our first kiss yet and his parent's might make him break up with me. He says I'm sorry and bye:'(

October 10, 2011~ Garrett came back and apologized for leaving me over stupid reasons. That night we got back together.

October 27, 2011~ I broke up with Garrett because he would go two or three days without talking to me. He wouldn't tell me he loved me anymore. And most of all I found out he tried to cheat and got rejected.

My question: I found out that he misses me, "more than anything in the entire world" Do YOU (the reader) think I should talk to him on Valentines Day? Or should I wait for him to talk to me?

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