Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Another amazing love story about finding love. Except with MB! Yall don't know Mindless Behavior here's a link or two.

They were dope weren't they? Yeah i told you so!

Chapter 1


Hey beautiful people! I'm Alexandria Alexis Jazmond Bieber... Yeah i know what your thinking. Yes i am Justin Bieber and _________ Bieber's kid. (Note from author:// If you want to know who _________ is than read my old stories Girl Cronicles- Justin Bieber and Bulletproof- Justin Bieber) I'm 14 now and in high school. We moved to New York City when i was four.. I attend one of the best art schools in New York State. I have a dual major in music (voice) and theater. Music is my heart. Got it all from my daddy XD. I live in a penthouse apartement. Music is my life. I would never be able to survive without it. My favortie types are hip hop and R&B. I have a huge crush on Ray Ray... You know from Mindless Behavior? Only losers have never heard of them. (Note from author:// no offense to anyone just apart of her character). I would take great care of his heart.. no matter what.

My bestfriends in the entire world are Teyanna Williams and Jazmond Andrews. They are the two funniest and most caring girls i know. We've been bestfriends for years. I remember the day we met. We live in the same nieghborhood so, we hangout every night to watch 106 & park on BET. We all go to the same school too. I am silly, passionate, and... shy. I know those things don't match with shy. But, if you get to know me those things come to the light. I have been singing my whole life. Along to mom and dad.. and Beyonce. One day i'll sing side by side with Jacob Latimore or Mindless behavior. I could sing the hook for Nicki minaj, Lil Wayne, or even Diggy Simmons!! One day. Maybe sooner than i think.

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