Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Another amazing love story about finding love. Except with MB! Yall don't know Mindless Behavior here's a link or two.

They were dope weren't they? Yeah i told you so!

Chapter 2

My Life Starring Me

My brother Jayden has always been my alarm clock. Jayden has never grown out of his snoring. No matter what. I woke up and yawned. Across the room Jayden was snoring. His foot was exposed from under the covers and his arm was wrapped around a pillow covered in slob. Normally i would gag in disgustion, but i've grown used to it. I swear even though we're twins we're nothing a like. I'm in love with Mindless Behavior, he's in love with Beyonce. I have musical talent, he is tone deaf! (sp?) I am an actress, he's corny and annoying. I like Family Guy, he likes King of the Hill. He's a man wh0r3 and well i'm still a virgin. We're complete opposites.

So anyways, I went to the bathrom and locked the door. I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste. I squeezed the tube and put the cap back on the toothpaste. I but it back and began brushing my teeth. I spit into the sink and rinsed my mouth. I stripped and put on my shower cap. I turned the knob and hot water steamed out of the sink foset. I wet my hands and grabbed my facewash. I opened it and squeezed a dime-sized amount into my palm and rubbed it onto my face, then into a mask. I turned the sink water off and grabbed the remote that turned the shower on. I pressed tv then shower. The shower turned onto to a perfect temperature and the tv in the mirror turned on and i listened to Mindless Behavior's 'Christmas With My Girl'. I sang along and washed with medical thoroughness. Gotta dress to impress i thought to myself. I scrubbed twice with 'Warm Vanilla' body wash. I rinsed off and then got out. I turned the shower off and dried myself with my hello kitty towel.

I took my shower cap off and threw it into the sink. I unlocked the bathroom door and strolled to my room. I opened the door and walked to my closet. I looked over at my shoulder and Jayden was staring at a note. I walked over to him and snatched the note out of his hands. Dad and I have an interview with Ellen tonight. Feel free to invite Jacob, Jazzy, and Teyanna over.. Hey this is dad. Jayden isn't allowed to go anywhere or invite anyone because he has a D in math!! Love you honey. Love, mom and dad the note read. To this day i do not know why their notes they leave us are so long. Jayden stormed off to the bathroom and slammed our door. I smiled and did the cabbage patch. I grabbed an outfit from out of my closet and layed it on my bed. I ran over to the door and locked it. Jayden and I are going to be 15 in four months, why are we still sharing a room!? I don't care if mom says we have to bond as brother and sister, he's accidently seen me naked too many times.

I put on lotion and rubbed deodarant on my armpits. I put on this: I sprayed down with 'Warm Vanilla' body mist. I curled my light brown hair and added a pink hair band to hold my hair out of my eyes. My mom always says i have my dad's hair. I definately agree. I grabbed my Gucci bokbag and threw it over my shoulder. I walked down stairs and entered the kitchen. I looked in the microwave and there was a plate of food with my name on it. Next to the microwave an orange juice in a water bottle also had my name on it. I grabbed my keys and stuffed them into my bookbag. I grabbed my iphone 4s and stuffed it next to my keys in my bookbag. I grabbed my food and rushed to my bus stop. The heels on my feet were killing me. Jacob, Teyanna, and Jazzy were waiting for me. I smiled and stood next to Jazzy. "How was yall weekend??" i asked. I looked at Jacob. He had on a green aeropastale thermal shirt with a brown jacket vest over it, dark-wash skinny jeans, timberlands, and his hair was in perfect waves; fresh cut. He was eyeballin' me with a face. "What?" I said with an attitude. "Why you so dressed up" he asked.

"Oh.. i have a swim meet.. Thanks for remembering" i replied.

"My bad girl... Do you really want to know how my weekend went?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah i guess" i said. He turned around and revealed a scratch on the back of his neck. "Ouch what happened?" i asked.

As soon as i said that Jazzy was doubled over laughing histerically. She took a deep breath and said "He... hahaha... Girls chased him... hahahhahahha... this chick snatched him up.. hahaha!!"

"Obviously girls are big fans of Jacob Latimore huh? hahahaha" i teased.

"Must be!! She 'bout tore my neck off!!" he complained.

"Haha! Oh my goodness. I told you that you should get home schooled!" Teyanna laughed.

Jazzy is and always has been a model and actress. She's been both since she was a baby. She modeled for 'Huggies' diapers, did commercials for 'Smuckers' jam, modeled for 'Just for Me' hair relaxer, starred in 'True Jackson VP', and now models for 'Forever 21', 'Aeropastale', 'Abercrombie & Fitch', and 'H&M'. Jacob on the other hand is a singer, actor, and dancer. He's been signed to this one label since he was like ten. Then when 'Like Em All' came out, girls have been all over him. He claimed to already have girls all over him. Psych! He and I have been cool since we were in diapers. Always will be cool. And lastly Teyanna is the daughter of a HUGE record label. She's met just about every body. From Madonna to Keri Hilson. She's been wearing designer diapers for as long as i can remember.

"So my manager was talking about trying to get you signed" Jacob negotiated.

"I told you my dad ain't havin' it didn't i?" i replied.

"Maybe you can talk him into it" Teyanna persuaded.

"No" i said.

"Please" Jazzy pleaded.

"Pretty please" Jacob beseeched.

"Yall know yall are too old for this" i replied.

The bus wheezed to my corner. I got on first, then Jazzy, Teyanna, and Jacob filed in. I sat with Jazzy and Teyanna and Jacob sat across from us. I unwrapped my breakfast and began to eat. They continued with their begging. I managed to ignore them for awhile, but i was gettin' ready to shake them so i gave in.

"Alright! Damn shut the hell up!!!" i exclaimed.

"Yes!" they cheered.

"Two conditions" i said holding up one finger.

"Aww!!" Jazzy yelled with frustration.

"I want to hear the deal and read the contract. I'm bringing my parents' best legal team aight" i said.

"Aight i can do that" Jacob said.

"Bring your manager to the cafe down the street after my swim meet" i said.

"Aight whats the second condition" Teyanna asked.

"Help me throw a party at my house tonight... Mom and Dad won't be home for like.. three days" i said.


The whole bus cheered in excitement. I shook my head and laughed. The bus stopped at out school. We got off the bus and entered the warm school. I waved to Teyanna who had Geometry for first period and waved to Jazzy who had Earth Science first period unlike Jacob and I. We went to his locker and he told me the funniest story. About this crazed fan at the meet and greet at DTLR. "She was tearin' crap off the shelves 'cause my bodyguard wouldn't let her skip the line.. Like how in the hell is you gunna get mad at the store when it was the bodyguard like what the fvck!" he said. I was laughing histerically. We went to English together we had the funniest teacher in the entire school, Mr Johnson. We sat next to eachother in that class. Mr Johnson and I would crack jokes on Jacob the entire time. Funnest class ever. After that class Jacob and I went to Gym, then to choir, lunch, and then AP World History.


The bell rung and class was over. Jacob went to hang out with some of his friends at the Spanish restaurant down the street. Jazzy and Teyanna went with him. I went to the girls locker room to change. I undressed into my bathing suit. I'm a medium sized girl. With double d boobs, thick thighs, chinky eyes, a booty, and a bit of a gut. I don't wear bikini's because of that. I put on a tankini and put my swim cap on. The girls next to me were whispering and looking at me. I ignored them and started to leave. "Hey Alex" one of the girls said. I turned around and looked at her. "Yeah" i said. "Are you dating Jacob... Jacob Latimore?" another one of them asked. I scrunched up my face and responded with a "No ew". "Oh yall talk right" another one asked. Talk in girl world means flirt. This girl is asking me if i'm flirting with JACOB. "Noo we've just been friends for like fifteen years" i said. "Ohh k" they said simultaneously. They smacked on their gum like cows and left the locker room. I shook my head, took my towel, and grabbed my goggles. I left behind them and entered the pool area. I sat on the bleachers with my towel. I wrapped up in it and looked for Jacob. All the bleachers were filled. I couldn't find Teyanna and Jazzy either. I was lost in the sea of people.

Coach Bloomer blew her whistle and we met to where she was. I got up and went over to where she and the rest of the team was. We got hyped up and high fived eachother. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous. Not like me. It's also not like me to try out for a sport, i'm a theater kid! They went through the rules and they announced that the first competition was freestyle swimming. I was up first. Just frikkin great! i thought to myself. I handed my towel to Coach Bloomer and looked into the crowd. I found my crew. They were in the back standing up with a sign. I smiled and the butterflies became bumble bees in my tummy. I got in position on the diving board. Before i knew it the gun was shot in the air and i dived into the water. My heart was pumping and i was swimming as fast as i could. I took another deep breath and pushed out some of the air slowly. I could hear the cheering from the crowd. People cheered for Sally and Jane and somewhere in the wind of cheering i heard my name. I fighted the urge to smile and kept my thoughts on the prize. I felt myself getting close to the wall. I took one more deep breath and I did a front flip then pushed my feet off the wall. I held my body rim rod straight and when my speed decreased i swam with all my might. I took one more breath for i knew the lap was almost over. I pushed some of the air out and swam with all i had.

My hand slapped the edge and i popped up. I looked over and the other girls were just starting to pop up. My heart started to beat again. DID I REALLY JUST FREAKING WIN!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! i thought to myself. I got out and they declared my school as the win of the Freestyle portion of the meet. I freaked out. I was dripping wet all over. I squeezed Coach Bloomer and she pried my hands off of her. I apologized the cheered then some more. I can't believe i actually won! I suck at everything but singing, dancing, and acting! i thought to myself.

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