Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Another amazing love story about finding love. Except with MB! Yall don't know Mindless Behavior here's a link or two.

They were dope weren't they? Yeah i told you so!

Chapter 3

On and Poppin!

I sat down on the bleachers and watched the other girls perform. I could barely sit still my legs were shaking and i was ready to dart to the cafe down the street and get signed! After sitting down for only five minutes my patience wore thin and i asked Coach Bloomer if i could go home. "I have a stomach ache" i lied. She permitted me to leave and thats what i did. I dashed to the locker room and got in the shower. I washed my hair with pantene and then scrubbed the rest of my body with plain soap. I dried off and fast walked to my locker. I grabbed my clothes and put on this: I had previously packed that and shoved it into my locker for an important day or if i wasn't lookin' right and needed an outfit change. I called Jonathan, Michael, and Angela my parents' best legal team. "Hey guys... I am in need of a desperate favor that must stay between us four... mhmm... I can pay... Yeah that's fine.. Alright i may possibly be getting signed to a label... Jacob Latimore is signed to that label.. Mhmmm... Yes... Meet me at the cafe on 125th and Emerson... That's the one... In thirty minutes... OK...Thanks a lot" I hung up the phone and did my happy dance. I walked out the school doors and to the cafe. I was so excited i had butterflies. I walked three blocks and i finally arrived. I peeked through the windows to see if Jacob and his manager were there. They were. Jacob had on the same outfit and was looking at his watch. He had a chocolate chip cookie in front of him and a laté in front of his manager. I looked for a black bently and imediately it pulled up. I smiled at all three of them and motioned them into the café. We walked in lookin' all perfessional and took a seat across from Jacob and his manager.

"Okay lets get down to it... My name is Shawna Smith and i am a manager for Jacob Latimore. Mr Latimore's label, RCA Records and Crown World Entertainment are interested in signing Alexandria" Jacob's manager said.

"Do you have a copy of the contract with you?" Angela asked.

"I do" Shawna said. She pulled out a folder and inside the folder she pulled out a huge stack of papers. "It basically offers well.. the basics" she said nonchalantly (Sp?).

"What exactly are the basics?" Michael asked.

"Well everything is payed for for her. Including flights, hotels, buses, food, equipment, clothing, photo shoots, and studio time. The money is given to her after everyone else is payed" Shawna replied.

"What about medical aid?" Jonathan asked.

"No that is not provided unless the accident is caused by something we've payed for. For instance, if she get's into a car accident or if she is hit by something or falls off stage and hurts herself" Shawna said.

"We'll have to read over the contract some more and we'll get back to you lets say... next week" Angela said.

They got up and excited the restaurant. Shawna told Jacob that she was going to text him later. He nodded and she left. An extremely pale woman wearing red stelettos, light wash skinny jeans, and a white v-neck sweater with a red tee shirt under it asked for my order. "Café au lait with a chocolate chip cookie" i said. She smiled and left. "Loved her shoes!" i said to Jacob. He rolled his eyes and told me that i'm such a girl. We sat there and talked like old times. I laughed obnoxiously like old times as well. The waitress came back with my coffee and cookies. She told Jacob about how she was such a big fan and how she loves his songs. He gave her an autograph and she darted squealing the whole way. We laughed. I was beginning to miss him. Especially when he has to perform and things like that.

"Yo i'm so pumped for the party tonight!!" Jacob exclaimed.

"Me too!! Yo did we even like order food or anything?" i asked. Jacob just shrugged. "Well now i have to tell the house keeper to go grocery shopping and triple everything.. I mean who knows how many people will show up!" i said.

"Yo its gunna be so dope! I even had my boys fly out to see you" Jacob said with a suspicious grin.

"Ya boys? Who!" i exclaimed

"You'll see"

"Nah forreal tell me"



"Just can't"

"Can't or won't Jacob"


"What the..." i looked at him in his eyes. They were filled with too much playfulness. "Hahaha you play to much!!". He smiled at me and winked.

"Lets bounce"


Jacob and I walked to my house. It was five or six blocks away. My feet were throbbing when we got to the third block. Jacob offered to carry me but i declined. That would be so awkward. When we arrived at my house there was another note attatched to the door. We had the house keeper go shopping and buy a weeks worth of shopping for you guys... Your brother's finally hitting puberty lol it read. "Great that crosses something off my list" i said to Jacob. He smiled and i unlocked the door. The house was spotless. "Another thing off my list" i exclaimed. I ran upstairs to my room and Jacob followed. I opened the door and Jayden was laying on his bed with his pillow on his head. I sat down on mine and took off my shoes. I threw them into my closet and put my bag next to my bed. "Jayden!!!" i screamed.

"What the fvck do you want" he said rolling over.

"Invite some of your guy friends over i'm having a party" i said.

"Seriously?!" he said jumping up.

"Yeah but only invite like ten cuz i don't need alcohol or w33d over here and then the cops come" i replied putting a finger in his face.

"I got you i got you no prob sis" he said smirking. He grabbed his phone and started dialing the first number.

"Yo i ain't kiddin' you better not invite your convict friends eitha!" i yelled.

"Uggghhh just ruin' the fun"

"Listen here lil boy, either you go by my rules or you stay upstairs the whole night"

"Ugghh fineeee" he whined.

I went back down stairs and checked the clock. It was already almost seven oclock. People would probably be her in like an hour and a half.


The party started and everybody was bumpin'. There were like a bajillion people at my house. We were listening to "Round of applause" by Waka Flocka the only song by him that i like. Girls were grindin' on guys and i was chillin' with Teyanna, Jazzy and Jacob. We weren't exactly talking just dancing. I was getting into it too. I sipped my punch and dropped it like it's hot. The song changed to "Teach Me How To Dougie" by Cali Swag District. Everyone formed a line and we had a dougie contest. I handed Jazzy my drink and i got low and started to dougie. I busted out the cat daddy and finished off with a full split. Everyone screamed and got more pumped. I came back up and got to the end of the line. Teyanna and i high fived and the line moved on. The door bell rang and i went to answer it. I looked back at Jacob who was smiling and rushing me to the door. I looked through the peep whole. HOLY FVCKING SHIZNICK I yelled in my mind. I could not believe who was at the door. I grabbed some mint gum and applied more lip gloss on. I fixed my clothes and turned the music off. I let out a scream and then calmed myself down. Everyone's eyes were on me. "What's going on!", "Who's at the door!!" different people screamed. "Open the door lexii" Jacob said smiling wide. I could not believe he invited Mindless Behavior to my party!!! I opened the door as calm as possible. My legs were shaking and my adrenaline was pumping. I could not slow my breathing down. I was so nervous. I smiled at four pairs of brown eyes that were locked on me. "Hey Alex!" Princeton said. "Whats up Alex" Ray Ray exclaimed. "Whats goin' on" Roc Royal said with a smile. "Hi Alex" Prodigy said to me last. I smiled at all of them and hugged them all. I hugged Prodigy last. Ray Rya staired at me momentarily and that made me blush. They welcomed themselves into my house and i let out one more scream and then shut the door. I locked it and smiled at them all. I didn't know what to do or what to say. Teyanna was just staring at Roc Royal like he was some treasure and of course Jazzy was cooler than ice.

"What you standin' there for turn the music back on!!" Jazzy screamed. I wanted to flip her off, but they did come for the party... did they?

"Why are you guys here?" i asked.

"To party why else?" Princeton said.

"Exactly" Roc Royal said.

"Turn the music on!" Ray Ray exclaimed.

I smiled and turned it back on. The song that was playing was "Dance (Azz) remix" by Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj. "Ayyyeee" everyone said. I jumped up and started dancing with Teyanna. Jacob and MB hugged and they all started dancing.

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