Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Another amazing love story about finding love. Except with MB! Yall don't know Mindless Behavior here's a link or two.

They were dope weren't they? Yeah i told you so!

Chapter 40

Things Change


I was moving my things into me and Ray's new apartment when Laqueeda called me crying and cursing.

Its been four years since the babies were born and now we're all ninteen and moving out of our parents' houses. MB was still going strong with a fanbase almost the same size as my dad's. My career was doing perfect, I was in one of those much needed breaks away from music, acting, traveling, and interviews for awhile along with MB and Diggy. Jacob just bought a house in Atlanta, Diggy bought a house in New York City, Queeda and Prod just moved to their house in Cali, Roc, Prince, Ray, Teyanna, Jazzy, and I all bought beach houses along the coast of Florida. Each house was beside each other and we all put our money together to buy that portion of the beach. It wasn't a little snippit of land, it was acres and acres and acres of land without a person in sight. Roc, Prince, Teyanna, and Jazzy had already moved into the houses and were waiting on Ray and I. It wasn't that easy to leave my dad and mom like that. My dad being Justin Bieber he wants me to be like his protege or something and was NOT willing to let go that easy. My mom on the other hand, was trying to buy me a freakin' Nanny. So not needed. After a week of arguing with them I convinced them that I was okay for me to leave. So here Ray and I are loading my stuff onto the truck.

"What's wrong Queeda!?!" I exclaimed dropping a box on the floor.

"PROD WON'T LISTEN TO ME!!!" she sobbed.

"So you packed your bags and left him with your triplets?" I asked.

There was a silence and she sighed on the other end.

"That wasn't smart was it?" she asked.

"NO GIRL!!! Get yo azz back in that house and work things out" I exclaimed.

"But... I don't want to!!" she yelled back.

"Queeda are you pregnant again?" I whispered.

"I don't think so..."

"Really cuz your super hormonal right now"

"I started taking this new birth control one of the side effects was emotional embalance"

"Oh thank God that's probably it. Now take your azz back home"

With that I hung up and continued loading things onto the truck. After loading the last box I stood in my now empty room mentally putting back all of my things. I looked over at the appirition of Jayden's bed and smiled as I pictured him sleeping with one foot out and slob all over the pillow. Suddenly I felt warm arms wrap around my waist making the appiritions fade.

"Whatchu lookin' at babe?" Ray asked.

"Nothin'" I replied still smiling.

"You ready to go on this road trip?" he asked smiling.

"Yeah" I answered pulling out of his grasp.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked his lips. He started to deepen the kiss when I pulled away. He whined and started to throw a tantrum.

"Lil' boy we have to go!" I giggled.

I started for the door with him trailing behind me.

"Aight and I ain't no lil' boy!!" he exclaimed.

I coughed and he sucked his teeth and ran at me. I squealed and ran out of his grasp and down the stairs. We were both giggling like little kids and when I got half way out the door he wrapped one arm around me and slung me around in a circle.

"RAY STOP!!!!" I exclaimed.

He laughed and refused and tossed me into the air, catching me, and throwing me into the air again.

"Raquan if you drop me!!!" I threatened.

He laughed and caught me one more time. I placed a hand on my heart and started to catch my breath. He smiled and kissed my neck. He placed my feet back onto the ground and my mom and dad came outside still in their pajamas. I hugged them, told them I loved them, and gave them lots of love. Ray followed after listening as my dad told him to take good care of me. We waved and then got into the truck.

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