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Chapter 1


Hello, everyone who's reading this!
This story is concerning my 'Academy for Evil Children Story', and all sent in characters. So far there is only two peeps who have sent one in, if you count InvaderLyra's character, Warren. I need some more characters for this story so send one in if you want with this character template:


Nickname: (optional)



Any siblings that also go to this school:

Brief History:

Pet: (Can be anything, really, just not anything HUGE or too weird):

So send in a character for my story and don't forget to read it! Also, all characters sent in must be 13 years old MAX. In order to properly incorporate them into the story, they need to be around the same age as the main character, Emma (11). Know that 11 year old send-in characters will most likely be mentioned more often than older characters! All characters sent in will appear in the next few chapters, depending on how far along I am with the chapter at the time I read this! Thank you all!

Also, a big thanks to canuckmom1!! She's an active reader and commenter and I can't tell you how much the comments mean to me!

K, bye! Send in your peoples!


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