Lucky Charms (Rory Flanagan)

This starts at Pot O' Gold.It's just gonna go from there.It may follow episodes,it might now.I don't know them by heart,but I'm going to try my best.
So,let me know if you like it!

Chapter 1

Theres a leprachaun...

I opened the door to my room and plopped down on my bed.Turning on my radio,I didnt notice the green leprachaun in my room.I turned my head and screamed.His smile faded.
"Hi,I'm Rory Flanagan."He said,extending his hand.I shook his hand.
"Are you the leprachaun for my sister?"I asked.
"Sh.."He smiled,and held a finger to his lips.

"I'm Nat."I said.
"Nice to meet you."He said.
I sat back down on my bed,and he sat on the other bed.I only had another bed because I loved jumping from bed to bed in my free time.I turned the music back on,and started singing.

I could feel Rory staring at me,as I sang.I finally looked over and he turned red.It took all I could to not 'aww'.I don't know why,but i always had a thing for irish people.And thats probably why my mom took him in.Because she wants me to get a boyfriend.See,I'm in Glee Club.But no one bullies me because I'm Britney's sister.

"Hello."I smiled.He smiled back,and continued his reading.
"Darling you give love a bad name.."I sang,turning it up.
"So,this is american music?"Rory asked.
"Yes.Do you like it?"I asked.He nodded.
"Very Much."He said.
When it was time to go sleep,I ended up staying up.Rory fell asleep,but to make sure,I poked his face.No sign of movement.
I smiled before grabbing my phone and dialing Rachael's number.

"Why are you interrupting my beauty sleep?"She asked.
"Because it's boy troubles."I said.
"With who?"She asked.
"Okay,my mom took in this irish kid,and he's starting school tomorrow.But Brit thinks he's a leprachaun but he's not.But he's sleeping in my room.And you know my attractivness to irish people."I whispered.

"Oh,is he cute?"She asked.
"Very.And he keeps looking at me."I said.
"Send me a picuture!"She whispered,excitedly.
"Hold on."I said,and pulled open my camera.I went up to Rory and took a picture.I sent it to her.After a couple seconds,she gasped.
"OMG!You have to tell the girls."She said.

"After I make sure Brit doesn't like him."I said.
"Don't tell Santana.Just Tina and Merecades."She said.
"Okay.He's waking up.I gotta go."I said.
"Bye!"she said,and hung up.He opened his eyes.
"What are you doing?"He asked.
""I said.He nodded,and turned away to sleep again.
The next day,I noticed Brit had left without me.After getting ready in the bathroom,I went back to my room to grab my bag.Turns out Rory was changing his shirt.He had just pulled it down when he noticed me.We were both silent.
"You gotta ride with me today."I said.He nodded,and we grabbed our bags.
I said morning to mom,before getting 2 apples for Rory and I.

I handed it to him,and we walked to my car.He shut the door,and I pulled out of the driveway.
"So,what's Mckinley like?"He asked.
"Um..Fun.But stay clear of the jocks.They love to pick on people."I said.
"Got it.Thanks."He said.I looked out the window to hide my blush.

We got there,and I put the keys in my bag before getting out.When we got to the doors,I turned to Rory.
"Give me your scheduale."I said.He handed it to me,and I looked at it.I looped my arm through his,and walked in.
"Here is the office.There's the lunch room..Glee club,spanish.."We walked around the school for a quick tour.

When the bell rang,He turned to me and kissed my cheek before walking off.
"Did my leprachaun kiss your cheek?"Brit asked.
"Yeah.Hey,Brit..Do you like him?"I asked.
"No.Do you?"She smiled.
"Well you know my liking for irish people."I said.
"Then go for him.I won't tell anyone."She said,and pinky promised.

"Or else the evil elves will put you on the naughty list."I said.She shook her head,and scurried off.I made my way to Spanish,my grin bigger than ever.
"Rachael!"I yelled when I got into spanish.
Merecades,Tina and Her were sitting by eachother.I sat down next to Rach and Merecades and Tina sat back down.They were sitting behind us.

"Rachael told us already!Where is he?"Merecades asked,looking around.
"Better news.Brit doesn't like him.And,he even kissed my cheek."I said.They all smiled,happy for me.
"Can we break this up ladies?I need to take my seat."Puck said,coming up.
"When did we get assigned seats?"I asked.
"Yesterday,duh.Now,up Rach."He said.

Rach moved to her seat,and Puck sat down.
"Did you see that stupid irish transfe?"Puck asked.
"He's my friend."I said,madly.
"Oh..But you have to admit,he will get bullied with that outfit."He said.
"He's expressing his culture."I said.

"And what are you going to do when he get's bullied?"Finn asked,turning around.
"Stand up for him of course.."I said.
"Do I hear a bit of a crush?"Puck asked.
"Shh."I said.
"Are you serious?"Finn asked.

"You two tell anyone I won't be afraid to beat your a-"
"Hello,kids!"Mr.Shue interuppted.
Puck and Finn smiled at me.
For those of you that watch Glee..I almost cried my eyes out tonight.I don't want him to go.He's my favorite character,and I love him..

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