George Harrison: My First and Only Love

George Harrison: My First and Only Love

This story is told by a girl named Juliet York who met George Harrison when she was just 6 years old and their friendship turned into something more, it turned into a love that would last forever.

Chapter 1

The First Time I Saw George Harrison

George and I have always been really great friends since the age of 6 when I first moved in next door. The reason for my family moving wasn’t a good one at all, there was a fire that broke out in our house and my father sadly burned along with it. George was my silver lining to that dark cloud and I never could thank him, or his family, for helping my mother, little sister and I cope with the sadness that we were burdened with. We were all great friends and my whole childhood is filled with memories with the Harrison’s.

When we moved into our new house I remember how there was a knock at the door and my mother told me to get it. I ran to the door and I cracked it open and I saw a little boy who seemed close to my age holding a loaf of bread. He just handed it to me and said “Sorry about your father” and he ran back to his house which I saw was right to the left of ours. A tear fell down my cheek as I thought about my father but I quickly wiped it away and walked into the kitchen where my mother and little baby sister was and I set the warm bread onto the counter. I remember my mother asking me who it was from and I just pointed towards where the boy’s house was. I found out that the little boy was named George. That’s the first time I ever saw George Harrison and shortly after we became great friends, and ever since earlier today, George confessed his love for me and now I’m pretty sure we’re more then friends.

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