A group story :))

By me and gagagirl2000.

Chapter 1


I took a deep breath. Looked back and jumped. My arms flailed in the air, I screamed. I could see the dark figure looking over the cliff side. The echo of his cry bounced off the mountains. I looked down not much left. THUD. I landed not too pleasantly. I screamed in agony. I would of died either way. Jumping or getting kidnapped. Later, I found out that wasnt the case but it was too late.

Let me start from the very beginning...
I was born April 7 in a town full of druggies, gangs, and abusers. My mother and my father were the heads of the worst gang in the city and after my mother gave birth to me, I was raised like them. I stole, lied, and many other things from the age of four. I knew it was wrong, but it was instinct to not stop. At the age of seven I was imprinted with the gangs sign on the bottom of my lower back.

One day, child protective services came into my house and took me away. Apparantly someone blabbed about them giving harsh beatings to me. Ever since, I haven't seen them.

I was brought to a church to get help and become redeemed. That didn't really work. I placed self-created camaras around the church, I placed mouth pieces in people's clothes, and I followed people around without getting caught. No one knew about what I was doing untill I told the preist about one of the nuns smoking. It became a riot all over the news and around town. No nun has ever got caught doing something like this. From then on, I was in the church solving mystery's from lost slippers to stolen bibles and food.

Then came the day when a man in black shades and a neat suit came in. He talked to the preist and collected me and my belongings.

From then on, I was given a new home, a new personality, and a new identity. I became a new person.

Since then, I was Agent C, secret FBI agent: the one and only teen on the force.

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