Chapter 1


Hey guys! I am a total Hunger Games fanatic. I want to write a fan fiction of the 77th Hunger Games. I know that they ended, but I just want to write one. Any ideas for characters? Here is a format:

Name :
District :
Age :
Strength : (Average, strong, weak)
Weapon (Main one only) : You can use others but which one is the one you're best at!?
Mentor :
Personality :
Allie/Enemy :
Other: (Optional):

Here are some of my ideas.

Name : Julie Carter
District : 12
Age : 12 (I know, sad)
Hair: Dirty blonde and wavy. Used to keep it long but then cut it before the Hunger Games for a better chance at not being caught.
Eyes: Flashy grey, not the ugly kind
Strength : average
Weapon (Main one only) : Bow and arrow
Mentor : Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
Personality : Sweet to family and friends, but very emotionally protective. Gets in heated arguements that turn out to be fighting. If threatened Julie is very smart and sly.
Allie/Enemy : Katniss recemends someone from District 11 to be ally because of their "history" with a girl named Rue. Another ally is the boy, Markus Wright. The District 12 boy tribute. Enemy is anyone from District 1 or 2.
Other: (Optional): Falls in love with an enemy who then betrays her.


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