Demon's Angel Cage

A Yaoi (BoyXBoy) story. Hopefully original! Enjoy & please comment or critisize!!

Chapter 1

The Angel of Eve

by: Cozy_Glow
Kaito strolled through the vast & magnificent gardens of the Angel mansion. He was so swept up by the colours & smells, he didn't notice he'd ventured from the vast, golden gates. His big blue eyes glittered with wonder as he continued past strange flowers & ferns of all shapes & colours.
Kaito felt so overwhelmed with wonder, he began to spin in circles. He spun so fast, & blindly, he fell over a rock & landed in a rose bush. The thorns scratched him as he tried to struggle free of the tightening, thorny vines. When he realised he couldn't move anymore, he was completely tangled & blood began to slide down his arms & tears down his cheeks.
Unable to move or call out, Kaito sat & waited, testing a few times to see if the vines would budge. They wouldn't & he was starting to lose hope as the sky began to darken. As his eyes began to close from exhaustion & pain, a shadow fell over him & he quickly looked up into the violet eyes of a Demon.

"What are you doing in there?" the Demon's voice was soft & warm. "Better still: How?"
Kaito blushed & gulped down his fleeing fear. "I tripped & tried getting out...but I got tangled!" he tried raising an arm, but it only tugged on his neck. "Can you help? Please."

The Demon looked down at the pitiful Angel tangled before him & turned away. Kaito sighed as the Demon quickly strolled away. The night began to grow colder & the cuts grew deeper & more as Kaito tried harder to break free. Even his wings were pinned to his back & to the ground in broken positions.
Kaito gave a strangled cry & went limp, like death had taken ahold of his heart. A shadow, pitcher than the night, flooded over him & he slowly looked up at the Demon standing before him. The Demon drew his katana & let it glint in the moonlight for Kaito to see. Kaito stared at the Demon in terror, but knew he couldn't escape. He squeezed his eyes shut as the Demon raised his katana higher & slashed...Right through the thorns criss-crossing his chest & stomach.

"Come on" growled a familiar voice. "I wouldn't kill you like that!"
"L-l-like that?" Kaito gasped.

The Demon took his hand & heaved, but he'd forgotten the thorns round around his neck. Kaito gagged & the Demon covered his mouth, cutting lose his neck & wings. When Kaito was free enough, the Demon hauled him off into the dark forests.
Kaito hurt all over, but didn't complain as his savour helped him into a large mansion. The Demon took him into a study & sat him beofre the fire. He smiled as he wrapped the Angel up in the warmest blanket he had. Kaito smiled & his cheeks went pink.

"I don't think we properly introduced" Kaito said, standing shakily. "I'm Kaito, an Angel of Eve!"
"Eve?" the Demon quizzed.
"Yes" Kaito replied, looking around. "Angels of Eve live within the walls of the Garden...Where I came from!"
"You couldn't have!" the Demon snapped. "All Angels come from--"
"Heaven" Kaito finished. "Yes, I came from Heaven to live in the Garden!"
"Interesting!" the Demon smiled, before noticing Kaito looking at him. "Oh, yes, my name is Gakupo!"

Kaito smiled & fell forward without a sound. Terrified he hurt himself, Gakupo caught the unconcious Angel & held him tight against his beating chest. Blushing a bit, he carried Kaito to a guest room & put him gently to bed. Before leaving the Angel to sleep, Gakupo drew back Kaito's hair & kissed his hot forehead.

"I wonder what else he can tell me..." Gakupo said, gently shutting the door. "My Master will be pleased to hear this!"

As he went to tell his Master what he'd just learnt, Kaito's head began to fill with dreadful, terrifying things. He woke in fright & stopped breathing for a second as he took in the sight of the room. He slowly got to his feet & tiptoed over to the door. It were locked.
Kaito went around the room, looking for a way out, but found no windows. Taking a deep breath, he decided to trust Gakupo & sleep, after all, Gakupo had bandaged up his wounds & given him a bed. But he kept a waking spell around him, just in case...

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