Omg...I Wrote A Poem!

Normally I don't care much for poetry, but...well I had this circling around in my head and I thought I'd give it a shot and see what happened...this is the result. Thoughts?

Chapter 1

My Poem

by: x_Lupa_x
So long I was lost,
unseen and unheard.
Just a broken girl
Who never said a word.

Now I'm crying out,
but nobody hears.
I'm begging for help
yet no one sees my tears.

My voice is strong,
I will be heard.
I'm here right now,
so listen to my words.

I'm more than just a girl, a face in the crowd.
There's more in this world, I'm screaming out loud.
I'm through being invisible, done hiding my face.
I'm not invincible, but I can be brave.
Now I'm singing out, my voice loud and sure,
I can't be stopped now, I will endure.

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