Love Me, Hate Me...A Tom Felton Love Story

This is Part 2 and up.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter, Kelly, and Tom. Oh My!

When 10:00 hit, I jumped in the shower and got my makeup on and my hair done. I wore black skinny jeans and a shirt that showed my curves, which had a V-Neck and had the Slytherin Crest on it. When I heard the car horn outside I banged on Kelly's door. "Let's go, your going to make up late!" "It doesn't start for another two hours!" she yelled through her door. Nevertheless, she came out looking very sullen. "Stupid dork, premiere." she muttered. I grabbed my suitcase, because we were staying at the whole weekend. Mom and Dad were waiting at the door. "See you, love you, bye!" I shouted as I made a mad dash out the door and into the passenger's seat. Kelly was taking her own sweet time to get into Rachel's car. "Hurry up!" I yelled out the window. She glared at me and slammed the car door shut. Rachel was sporting a matching pair of black skinny jeans like I was except she was wearing a Gryffindor shirt. I frowned at her. "Gryffindorks." I muttered theatrically. Kelly let out a long groan as Rachel started the gas. She smiled at me and turned the radio on, and Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry started to play. All of us stated to sing along to the song laughing after we got looks from this old couple. "So, what exactly does appeal to you about Harry Potter anyways?" Kelly asked. "You wouldn't understand Kelly, you were about 6 when it first came out. We grew up with it. We saw every movie, read every book, and watched every interview with the stars, and read the bio on every character. We might actually be the hottest fans Harry Potter has." I replied looking in the mirror at myself. "Seeing as your ugly, that's not saying much." Kelly mused, a smile on her face. When we arrived at the hotel, I noticed a limo pull up in the front. "Wow, someone famous is here." Rachel had a dreamy look in her eyes. "Yeah, but the chance of you running into one is like slim to none." I told her as we went to get into the elevator to go to our room. Then someone stuck their hand in the door as we tried to leave. Suddenly a blonde and black haired boy stepped into the elevator with us. "Sorry." The blonde one mumbled. "S'okay." I said lazily, not turning to get a look at them. Then the black hair struck up a conversation with Rachel. "You know, I support Gryffindor myself, too." Rachel replied with a, "How could you not with all those talented actors?" I butt in with a,"Slytherin house is way better than Gryffindor and everyone knows this, for the simple fact that they had Draco Malfoy." The blonde turned and faced me, giving me a breathtaking smile while he did so. I let out a gasp. "Your Tom Felton!" I basically shrieked. Tom turned to who I know recognized as Daniel Radcliff! Rachel let out a small yelp. "Really you guys all this over them?" Kelly started to push our elevator button harder, trying to force it to go faster. I rolled my eyes at her. I stuck my hand out. "Hi, I'm Anna and this is my best friend Rachel and my little sister Kelly." Tom shook my hand. "Tom and this as you probably already know, is Daniel." I felt a shock wave flow threw my hand and thought I was being electrocuted. He smiled at me. “So, I'm guessing your going to the premiere tonight?" he asked. "Wouldn't miss it for the world." I answered. He thought for a second as he looked me over then whispered something to Daniel, which then Daniel nodded to. "How would you like to be our, um, dates for the premiere?" Daniel asked. I turned and faced Tom. "Aren't you with that girl Jade?" Tom looked sullen when I asked that. "Not anymore." he replied stiffly. I turned to Rachel, but she was gawking at Daniel. I turned to Tom. "Sure thing." Tom smiled at me. "We'll meet you down in the lobby at 11:30 alright?" "Yeah." The elevator door opened on our floor. We climbed out and I waved to Tom. Rachel and I were way to star struck to get to the room on our own so Kelly took the card and led us to our room. We sat our suitcases down and started squealing at each other. Kelly rolled her eyes and went to go watch T.V. We couldn't stay still long enough so we walked around, asking each other if we looked okay. When 11:30 came, we rushed to the elevator and as the doors opened, we saw them standing with the whole gang. Emma, Rupert, Evanna, Bonnie, Matthew, James, and Oliver. I almost fainted. We walked over to them. "Please we're not signing autographs right now." Rupert replied on seeing us. "Rupert these are the girls we telling you about." Tom smiled as he took my hand. "You ready?" I nodded not able to answer. We climbed into the limo as fast as we could before the car started and we were off towards the premiere.


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