Heat in Hogwarts; *RON

I have a quiz of this, also. I just was curious whether it would work out better as a quiz or story. Let me know how you like it. Rate, Comment, Refer me o other readers. 5 comments from DIFFERENT users for Chapter 2.

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Chapter 1

Ron Weasly, Chapter 1

It was winter time at the middle of your 5th year in Beauxbatons. You hadnt gone there always, youd spent your 1st year as a Gryffindor at Hogwarts. You were soon heading back, hating all girls at Beauxbatons. But for now you were in Hogsmeade, stocking up on supplies. What you didnt know is that today had been Hogwarts annual Hogsmeade fieldtrip. You turned a corner in HoneyDukes, not looking where you were going, & bumped directly into a stranger, making them drop everything in their arms. You dropped to help them pick their stuff up, looking up once you heard their familiar voice. It was Ron Weasly. He'd been your bestfriend your 1st year at Hogwarts. "Ron?!" You hugged him tight, knocking him onto his back. He hugged back with just as much excitement. "_, I've missed you tons!" he said into your ear. Two other students turn, it was Harry & Hermione. They'd also been 2 of your best mates during your year at Hogwarts. You got up & hugged them both, then began telling them about how you were to start back at Hogwarts that day. "I was wondering who's stuff was on the extra bed in my room. We're bunk mates!" Hermione excalimed, you were happier than ever. But the one thing that made you happier was being reunited with Ron. He was the type of bestfriend that you could cuddle with while crying, & it wouldnt be weird at all. You'd missed out on that type of friendship at Beauxbatons. They left after a few hours, you left after a few more. Arriving around supper time. Since you had already been sorted, you need not be sorted again. Ron had saved you a seat between him & Fred. You sat down & ate with everyone, feeling at home for once. The table was very crowded, causing you to be relatively close to Ron. Everyone was done, & you were getting tired. You decided to lay your head on Rons shoulder, he decided to put his arm around your shoulder. This was so natural for the two of you. The lot of you decided to retreat to the Commons Room, all taking places sleepily on the funiture. Everyone talked for a little bit, but soon they all started heading to their rooms. You and Ron stayed down, you both needed to catch up. But it wasn't much talking, lots of "I missed you's", you asking how his family was, him asking you how about Beauxbatons. Soon he was sitting up on one end of he couch while you laid down on it with your head in his lap. He was stroking your hair, knowing that it made you fall asleep. Subconsiensly, he jus didn't want to go to bed without you that night..

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