Hello Again

As a little girl, Danielle never got her way. Nothing went right with her. Nothing at all. It was because of this one person; Janine. Janine, in words, was her arch nemesis, worst enemy, and, well, you get the idea. Thankfully, after Danielle left high school to go off to college, she never saw Janine again. Or did she?

Chapter 1

But that was the Past

by: Oinkie
"Listen, you! You're the one that makes EVERYTHING go wrong! You're the one that steals ALL of the attention! And you know what? I'm DONE with you!"

Once upon a peaceful time, there was a five-year-old waking up getting ready to start her first day of kindergarten. This girl was Danielle. Danielle was always a happy, cheerful person who loved her parents and especially her older brother, who was 12. She thought that her school days would be just as good. Just as wonderful.
After her mother dropped her off at school, Danielle was ready to start learning. She took her small Elmo backpack, a pencil on her ear, and an eraser in her hand to her assigned table. All of the sudden, pain came to left foot. Danielle hasn't felt pain that hurt that much since she got her first teeth in! She looked to the source of the pain. Apparently, a brunette girl with a mean look on her face had stomped on her foot.
"Hello..." said Danielle shyly. "Why did you do that...?" Danielle's foot was throbbing.
The brunette girl put her elbows on her desk and rested her cheek on her knuckles. "My brothers do it to me all the time. They say it brings them joy and pleasure. I couldn't try it out for myself on them as they would return the favor... So I tried it out on you. It wasn't very nice. It didn't make me feel good and I'm sure it doesn't make you feel good... I'm sorry."
This brunette girl seemed very nice. Danielle asked her if they could forget that ever happened and become friends. After all was done and forgiven, the two girls smiled at each other as the school bell rang and the teacher started making announcements.
"Hello children! I hope you're all enjoying your first day of school so far. My name is Mrs. Jessinella.You guys can call me Mrs. J. As you are now a school student, you should be informed of the rules and expectations." Mrs. J. talked about the basic rules, to be nice and all. Everyone seemed happy.
Until the teacher took roll.
As soon as the teacher looked away, the brunette girl took out a piece of paper and started drawing on it. Her drawing was fantastic. Superb. Neat. Nifty. Good. Danielle went ahead and got out a piece of paper, too. Of course, she drew on it as well. Her drawing wasn't as fantastic. Not as superb. Not as neat. Not as nifty. Not as good.
A few classmates around them saw the two drawing.
"Wow! That's a really good picture!"
"I could never draw that good."
None of these comments were directed at Danielle.
Once the brunette girl was done with her picture, she signed her name at the bottom. Janine. It was her new best friend, Janine, who was getting all of the attention. Danielle didn't like this and a sudden sadness came over her. Was she really that terrible at art?
Then, a slightly smaller, blonde-short-and-curly-haired girl silently scooted her chair next to Danielle's.
"Nice drawing," the girl said shyly. Danielle turned her head towards her. "My name is Ellen." Ellen blushed a little, revealing that she wasn't used to talking with others.
"Thanks, Ellen."
Although it wasn't said, the two girls smiled at each other and knew that they would become best friends.


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