When I know what's real (Naruto fanfic)

This is the first fanfic I've done, so I hope it works out :)
I know the beginning is boring, but it gets better, trust me!

Chapter 1

Worlds collide- literally!

I slumped at my seat in Drama.
Drama. Ha. How ironic. The scene that two guys in my class had gotten up to perform was anything BUT dramatic.
I looked at the blank notebook on my lap. It was supposed to be for giving feedback about performances, but I didn't want to hurt their feelings by writing a big, fat YAWN on my page. So instead, I wrote "I'm turning on some serious Naruto-ness when I get home." and handed it to my friend Lara. She smiled and handed it back to me.
I thought, then wrote down "wouldn't it be cool if the Naruto characters were real? Nope, scratch cool. EPIC!!!!!!"
"Is there a problem?" My drama teacher asked me. "You and Lara seem very interested in whatever you're writing."
"What? Me? No. No problemo...dude. Ette. Dudette. Nope. True story." I shut up and crossed my arms. My drama teacher raised her eyebrows and shook her head.
"Who wants to voulenteer to go next?" She asked the class.
* * *
That idea was stuck in my head now. I talked about it with my friend Kathy the next day in science.
"That would be AWESOME." She said. I knew I'd get more of a reactioin out of her, considering she has dreams about Rock Lee every night.
I tapped my pencil against the table. "Sooo.... I guess my parents are going to be gone all week. You and I should go kidnap Lara and head over to my place."
"Will do."
After much explaining to the mothers, we were walking out the doorway, skipping, linking arms and singing "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."
We stopped in confusion.
Everyone was gone.
The school parking lot was emptied of cars and people, leaving my friends and I in an eerie silence.
"I've seen this in horror movies." Kathy said. We quickly decided to vamoose before random crap came out to attack us.
There still was nobody. It was like we were in a ghost town. I closed my eyes, twisting my way through the empty sidewalks, Lara and Kathy on my tail. My legs carried me as fast as they could.
It was chaos. I felt myself go reeling and flipping, and it took me a minute to realize that I had run into someone. That someone was now on top of me.
"Ugh..." I grunted. "For crying out loud, get offa- oh... my... sweet mother of popsicle sticks."
Staring right back at me was a pair of clear, white eyes. I turned. My friends had run into people, too.
I turned back. ".... oy."
Talk about a wish come true.

We'd all run into Naruto characters.

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