When I know what's real (Naruto fanfic)

This is the first fanfic I've done, so I hope it works out :)
I know the beginning is boring, but it gets better, trust me!

Chapter 3

The Proof!

Walking home was a whole 'nother experience.
Kathy was gushing something or other about "youth" to Lee, who was half-paying attention, half-ready to punch anything that looked like it was gonna jump out and attack him.
Naruto was walking around, asking about every two seconds what this was and what that was and what that other thing was. Kathy slapped him more than once. Lara tried to explain everything, but halfway between her explinations, he'd already moved on to something else.
I just walked slowly, staring and thinking, Oh, my gosh, the Naruto characters are here! In the flesh! Oh my gosh!!!!!!
And then I'd stop walking and someone would have to push me.
A gray minivan pulled up next to us. All the characters twitched.
The window rolled down, revealing the face of a young woman with dark, reddish-brown hair.
"Hey, chika." She said to me. "I waited at the school for a while. Did you call me and I just didn't get the message?"
Oh, shoot. "Sorry, Lacy." I said. "I forgot to." Lacy lived in an apartment not to far from our neighborhood. She was supposed to pick my sister and I up from school.
"It's fine." She said, waving it off. "Do you guys want a ride the rest of the way there?"
I shook my head. "I don't think you'll have room." I gestured to my company.
The blond head of a 14-year old girl leaned in front of Lacy, squishing her.
"No way!" her little sister, Sam, gushed. "Did you guys go to some kinda cosplay thing? Those are the most epic Naruto costumes! Did they cost a lot? Can I get one? Where was the cosplay thing? Is it still going on? Did you-"
"Hi, Sam." I cut off sharply.
She stopped for a milisecond, then grinned. "Hi, Erika! How're you? How's Chrissie? How's your dog? How're your mom and dad? Have they called you guys?"
"She's annoying." Sasuke hissed.
"Shut it, Ducky." I hissed back. I smiled at my hyperactive friend. "Everyone's doing fine, Sam. They haven't called yet, no."
"Oh." She said.
She looked like she was going to say something else, but instead, Lacy said, "I think we oughtta leave now. You sure you're good walking home?"
I nodded. Both she and Sam waved goodbye, and drove away.
We walked back to my house, and I unlocked the front door and let myself and everyone in.
"'Bout time!" shouted a voice from upstairs. "Good grief, where the heck were you?"
I rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth. Chrissie is my twin sister, but we're nothing alike. And I mean NOTHING. "And lock the fudging door this time! You forgot yeterday-"
She stopped dead in her tracks at our little party of nine.
"So that's why." She said, glaring. "You brought a little welcome brigade. What the freak are they all doing here?"
"Uh... long story."
"And why are they dressed up like anime characters?"
I bit my lip. "Uh... because they are?"
She raised an eyebrow. "Yup. And we live in Pixie Hollow." She crossed her arms.
"No, it's true!" I said. I turned to Gaara, who, somehow had remained silent and expressionless for this entire experience. "Uh... show her some sand action or something!"
Gaara looked at me for a second, and I almost thought he wasn't going to do anything until he held up a couple of fingers; a hand sign.
A few small grains of sand drifted in the air towards my sister, encircling her. I smirked. Gone were her bratty little outbursts. She held up her hand and touched the sand in awe.
Neji gave me a look, and I turned to him, smiled and nodded. Soon, the Byakugan was activated for her to see as well.
"Okay, okay, I get it." She said, but the edge in her voice was gone.
A couple of minutes later, Chrissie had Netflix up and running for the group of stunned characters while I got out after-school snacks for my friends and I.
As they watched, Chrissie joined us in the kitchen.
"So, what the heck are we supposed to do now?" Chrissie said.
We all shrugged. We had no idea.

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