When I know what's real (Naruto fanfic)

This is the first fanfic I've done, so I hope it works out :)
I know the beginning is boring, but it gets better, trust me!

Chapter 7

Introducing: the art of skiing. (I repeat: eye. twitch.)

*Wow, I didn't realize my last chapter was that bad! Yikes. Sorry. I'll try to do better!

Truth be told, this chapter is kind of boring. It's just a transition between scenes because I was sick of ust at school ^.^
Please keep reading, though. The end is epicness and i really would like to share it with people! *
Kathy tapped her fingers impatiently against the handrail for the stairs. It had only been a couple minutes since the school bell rung, but it seemed like forever. After all, Chrissie would be handing Sasuke over to her for the next class. She really needed a break from Naruto.

Finally, familliar faces appeared as Lara and Lee came out of a nearby classroom, happily engaged in a conversation. Sam and Gaara also came down the hallway towards them. They looked the exact opposite; Sam was rambling on about something, and Gaara looked just plain exhausted. Neji came up the stairway by himself.

"Where'd Erika go?" Kathy asked.

"She had an accident in our last class." He responded simply.

"So... who's going where again?" A voice said behind Lara, making her shriek.

"SAS..... I mean, hi, Chrissie. Hi Sasuke." Kathy scratched the back of her head.

"Um...." Lara tapped her chin, apparently having recovered from her scare. "Neji comes with me now, Gaara goes with Chrissie, Sasuke goes with Kathy, Lee goes with Erika, usually, and Naruto goes with Sam. Right?"

Everyone stared. "Sure." Chrissie said. "Let's go with that. You and your epic ninja memory skills."

"Yay!" Lara responded. "I have ninja skills!"

And with that, they split.


The wind was plowing through our hair through our hair and jackets when we waited for Lacy after school. I'd finally gotten out of the nurse's office with a big, bruised bump on my head. And a headache. Again.

When Lacy's car pulled up to a stop, she rolled down the window of the driver's seat and grinned at us. We all stared. She was wearing a thick coat and hat, waving her mittened hand at us.

"Um...." Kathy said, "I don't think it's that cold..."

"Nope!" Was her response. "We're going skiing! Climb in and we'll go!"

Eye. Twitch.

"What is with this randomness?" I asked to nobody. "Why does everyone feel the need to get us into random stuff?"

"What the heck is skiing?" Naruto asked.

"You'll see! Now get in!"


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