My photo album contest

My photo album contest

Chapter 1

hey you yes you!!

by: _Terbear_
Well I have six pages of photos and I wonder "what story can go with which pic ".
And here I am. You can pick any photo doesn't matter if it is already a anime
You can write a story on it. Its ok if someone already picked it you can still do it.
Here's extra info you will need.

1) put blackfiyre's contest in the title so ill know to read it

2) the way the story goes its completely up to you no rules on that

3) be creative you can do the most random things and it will be acceptable

4) try not to make it too predictable. Surprise me! XD

5) if you pick a naruto pic make sure he is in it

No more rules now write my awesome friends!! Oh tell me if your gonna write in the comment so ill know who's doing it.

Top prize will get a big thing of cookies and gets to star in one of my stories of your I hope you do it!!


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