Funny SpongeBob Quotes

i got bored :P

Chapter 1

fuuunnnyyy XD

At the movies...

Female actress: Nothing will ever tear us apart.
Plankton: runs through the movie screen, causing it to tear in half

Squidward: I have a confession to make. takes towel off his head
SpongeBob: gasp YOU'RE BALD???? :O

Mr. Krabs: It depends. How much do you have?
Flying Dutchman: 62 cents!
Mr. Krabs: I'll take the money!
SpongeBob: MR. KRABS!!!!!
F.D.: vanishes with Spongebob
Mr. Krabs: Look Squidward! Money!

Patrick: JANET??? MARTY???? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???!!!!

Patrick: Do you mind if Gary and I can do some laundry?
SpongeBob: But...we used to do laundry.
Patrick: Oh, and can we borrow some soap?
SpongeBob: But..we used to use soap. Do you want fresh scented or Heavy Du..du...
Patrick: Here we go again.
SpongeBob: DUUTTTYYY!!!!!!! sobbing

Patrick: Wait!! Jeffrey Jellyfish!! I NEED TO TOUCH YOU!!!!!

Mr. Krabs: You and what army??
Plankton: What army?? Look around you Krabs!
Mr. K.: looks around You planted grass?

SpongeBob: Wow, this guy's so rich he has a swimming pool in his swimming pool!

SpongeBob: You're going down Tubby!!
Patrick: Tubby??? NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY!!! punches SpongeBob

Tough guy: I had nails for breakfast.
Reggie: So?
Tough guy: Without any milk.

Patrick: SpongeBob! We're not cave men! We have technology. beats the dollar with Mr. Krabs's computer

SpongeBob: AHHH!!!! SQUIDWARD!!!! I BURNT MY HAND!!!....At night. ;)

I'll post more soon! XD

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